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Avchd file copy question
  • On my Gh2 flash memory I see that the avchd files are down in some directories under /private. It also appears that there are some kind of index files in another subdirectory. If I want to delete/manage the files thru a flash reader (not with my camera) do I need to manage several files or can I just work with what appears to be the avchd files(the large ones) or do I need to manage other related files too? Another way of asking this is to say can I just copy 1 avchd file like I copy my *.jpg files to my pc?

    I've googled this and not had any success.


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  • Right. You can go on with the JPEG and MTS files. However, for certain workflows like the FC's Log&Transfer you need the full file/folders structure untouched.

  • Your best bet would be to copy the entire AVCHD folder and archive it. Put it inside another folder with the name and date of the take and you’re all set. Do not just copy individual .MTS files.

    JPEG and RAW files are a different matter. They are self-contained, and you can copy them individually any way you want.

  • Depends on your editing workflow and software. Final Cut apparently needs the support files, but I just copy the MTS files and have had no problems in Premiere Pro and Vegas.

  • Just copy over the entire /private folder. Thats all you'll need. The index files are tiny anyway so dont use much space. You can safely delete mts file from within the backup if you dont need them. Plus, you can restore them using Panasonics AVC Restore. Repair them too with tools if you have any problems. Search with google for the various Panasonic links to P2 AVCHD utilities which work fine with GH2 files.

  • ok, for the future I'll just copy the whole thing, however it appears mts files are the key ones. I guess video makes life more complicated. I'm still annoyed that Pinnacle doesn't handle avchd editing but that's another post. Don

  • good for faqs

  • MTS files are self-contained. It's just that some software like Final Cut Pro X doesn't know how to read standalone MTS files. How to bring footage into FCPX and other NLEs is already in the FAQs.

  • @donf If you don't move the entire "private" folder over you'll find that new MTS files will still number from where the last one left off.

  • I foolishly just saved the STREAM folder with the MTS files and now that I want to convert them to ProResHQ in FCP, Log and Transfer doesn't recognize. Is there a way to recover what I need? I tried AVCCAM Restorer to no avail. I would use 5DtoRGB, but it seems to have trouble with spanned clips, and I don't want to go the ClipWrap route.

  • @digger, you can combine your spanned files so that 5DtoRGB will have no problem with them. See the ''Spanning" entry in the GH2 Usage and Tips FAQ. (FAQs link at the top of this page) Is there some reason you don't want to use ClipWrap?

  • I wonder if there's anyone still reading old threads like this one. Anyway, I'll try here before starting a new one. I've been trying to use the Panasonic AVCCAM restorer (Mac version 3.0.1) with my Sandisk SDXC card (formatted and written by my hacked GH2) and I keep getting this error message "Sorry. It is not possible to restore it because of the data recorded with the product not supported". Aside the funny wording, I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue and, if yes, if the error might be due to the fact that some of the info present on the card warns the app that the GH2 firmware version is not exactly 1 or 1.1. Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.