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What about the SCHWEBI steadycam ?
  • Never tried them, but the build quality looks very German ;-) and the setup seems do-able.

    Has anyone tried them ? It would be for a GH2.

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  • Link removed as it is your first post here.

    And build quality looks like very Chinese :-)

  • Oops ... sorry about the link - I guess I should have read conditions somewhere ;-) OK - you apparently have better eyes than me ;-) Has anyone tested them ?

  • They are absolutely unknown. And for a reason. As this is another useless steadicam produced in China for $50 and sold at 200 EUR. It is almost impossible to adjust. Ball is not really appropriate solution. You need proper gymbal. Etc. If you want cheap and useful beginners (to try thing) Wondlan Ares and Pegasus stabilizers are ok. At least you can adjust all fast.

  • I'm just looking for a decent steadycam (as it seems to be the case for many here) at a decent price, that I can carry on my back for indie filming.

  • I already told you useful steadicams models. You can also check other topic in the category. Normal gymbal is still better, you can check best cheap option in 24h deals topic :-)

  • OK - thanks a lot ! (And forgive my newbie-ness ;-)

  • If I want cheap and useful I will build one of those out of the ball joint off of the old window shocks from my SUV.

  • I just did a mod on a SteadyCam Smoothy (get the GoPro model $149) and it flys my GH1 awesome. This gimbal is very very good, it passes a 2 second drop test from 90 degrees and you have the 2 way adjustable sled to balance the camera. This tiny compact SteadyCam is excellent for backpacking or in a lightweight travel kit. Believe me, this gimbal is as good as models costing hundreds more.

    The mod is simply adding a little more weight to the counterbalance on the bottom of the arm with a little slotted bracket to position left or right.

    I bought the Smoothy from B & H New York $149

  • Honestly I think it's crap. Steadicams are very difficult to get right. Moving camera while standing proves nothing. Now try it walking over an uneven surface, move with a moving actor, around a corner, up stairs. Then see how your arm is doing after holding it for 3 minutes straight.

  • Chauncy, these things work well walking up stairs or over uneven ground, they just take practice like any other piece of equipment. I've used them on the back of jetskis on an angry ocean for 2 hrs resting the arm occaisionally, it's amazing how the body adapts if you do it enough. Cornering is accomplished by guiding the gimbal, it's a practiced art.

  • i have a manfrotto 585.<br. its was 100 euro, and i never used it.
    it have the same effect when you use the camera cord around your neck, and stretch your arms...

  • Please do not turn this into general steadicams discussion. We have such topics. This one is about specific thing.