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Capitalism: Why being libertarian and using common "logic" is dangerous
  • Watch this video, even if on 1.5x speed.

    Louis is amazing man, smart repair guy. But his conclusions and advices are very common and very stupid.

    So, we have Apple who make quite good notebooks, overpriced and becoming more and more custom designed. As it is very costly and hard to repair, good technician can make a living and even make small successful firm out of it.

    Recently Apple added and slowly more and more integrated their custom T2 chip with custom firmware. Sole purpose of this chip is to maximally harden repairs and custom software installations (including hackintosh on PCs). We will see software thing in full in coming 2 years, but hardware already works.

    Apple is effective monopoly with very closed ecosystem. If you worked as editor on Macs for many years and want to use your skills - you only other option is to make some custom hackintosh install, but if you need to follow all recent software updates and plugins it can be really hard thing, and new problems can come each year, making it almost impossible.

    Libertarian view is little strange, Louis want you to apply logic that works on some markets with small/medium firms who produce lot of very similar products. But such approach can't be used with any efficiency in the huge tech giants age, manufacturers are too large and too social for this. And computer products are frequently too specialized.

    If some of Apple investors asked few Apple top managers to do something with improving service income and shorten product lifecycle, it has nothing to do with end users. It has nothing to do with poor engineers spending their life on shitty useless stuff they are not fans of. And blaming normal, good people for actions of few "enemies of the people" (I special asked the term that had been used for many years to scare the shit out of ordinary guys, as capitalist are so afraid of real meaning of it) is not good thing. Why tens and hundreds of thousands must be responsible for actions of very few morons?

    May be Louis does not know, but nice Intel secure boot stuff (if implemented certain way) also allows programming chipset with special data to prevent it's usage on any other board (and prevent any other chipset being used on this board), very similar to T2. Such notebooks exist in Windows ecosystem. And it will be more and more of them. As all other tech giants are similar to Apple, they remove upgradability, make service worse, make support worse. As their greed actually has no limits, unless you will stop it, but not in the stupid way of selecting another greedy guy product.

    It is only few leading international corporations who are designing laptops and it is only few real contractors who are making them in Taiwan and China. Btw Macbooks are frequently made by same people who assembly another 3-4 leading brands in adjacent weeks. And it is tens of thousands of good engineers and workers. And exactly 0% of them want to make crappy product with short life cycle. It is the orders they are getting and are forced to implement.

    It is the way capitalism works - if some top management will refuse to follow owners orders - they will be removed and proper one placed. If you change owners persons for another set - same thing happens, nothing will change much. General direction won't change for certain.

    Thing that Louis want to tell, but can't express properly - in normal society notebook is made to fulfill your real, normal everyday needs. Not to maximize profits of manufacturer, not to feed advertising machine, not to be present in reviews of mostly prostitute press, and not to die due its design issues one month after you will pay half of its price for small service repair. And in normal society schemes are not secret, as well as production plans.

    Is it possible to find solution on real present computer market by selecting another manufacturer each time you have such experience? No, of course not, it is stupid to even think such. At best you could buy some small time, at worse just spend ton of money and get even worse product.

    It is time to change the system, as present is sick, it is not Apple fault, btw. All you see in Apple laptop designs is just image of the system in mirror, image of the old corpse-like man who has its hands around your neck. Time to cut this hands and breath normally, Louis.

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  • So, how the choosing approach works

    Well, shit, does not work good.

    All companies are in the trend of big screens. Usually the only small screens are cheap low res devices now. Or old ones.

    All companies slowly removing 3.5mm jacks. No one cares on you choosing something.

    All companies made build in battery, and all companies soon will code them all and make impossible to replace outside service center.

    All companies make now glued screen and glued back. As it is cheaper to manufacture and they know percentage of phones that will be damaged in service or by user during attempt to open it. For good service it is small percentage, but it happens.

    And I can go on and on.

    This is scientifically called as one of the forms of alienation from work. I mean here that capitalist want you to become and stay only consumer, choose the ready goods, make color selections. Louis also want you to be same guy. In normal society you must have power to affect stuff that is being made and actively participate in this, so never ever "manufacturer" (as here it won't be separate entity) must go against fulfilling your real needs.

    This is that communism is about - removing the division of labor. Not in the sense that now some uneducated idiot can just influence core decisions, but in a sense that every current working man can get education and experience and start directly making contributions to the topic he is interested in. Some idiots back in early 19xx though that it won't not work, but now in software industry we can see it most profoundly. We can see how software industry is fighting to make solid monsters and not allow lot of smart people who can be cooking in their main life to submit the code and finally improve this bug filled products. yes, I am talking about you - Adobe.

  • And here is how you are making trap if you lack any logic aka being libertarian

    Apple care for your safety, hence they restrict the battery that can be used. In capitalism. Ha-ha-ha. One blogger told so, and let's seriously discuss this. Ha-ha-ha. Of course it very few blowing up phones and of course media is paid by corporations and being stupid journalists just follow sensations also.

    It is lot of shitty batteries exist in capitalism (surprise!) and as Louis suggest...we must blame them. Really? Only blame them? They do not burn, they are just shitty.

    May be we must blame the system where your main goal is to sell something and do not care about consequences. Where no way normal customer can know if random third party battery is good or not in the long term.

    May be logic that can be applied to few small farmers growing potatoes for nearby market does not work for extremely big and socialized modern business selling you very complex products? Just may be.

    So, in normal system you must not lock out something, but instead have all schemes, and everything up and public. But anyone who will make compatible parts will be using public production tools and public resources for this, and will hold all the responsibility, up to highest possible in this world (yes, I mean here nearest tree or bullet).

    And really, stop dreaming of lot of new small businesses. We are in imperialism stage and in extreme decay of such stage. Where most of small businesses are actually cheap way to outsource some dirty work and offload risks from big corporations, like most of farmers and so on. Yes, repair services industry is going same way. And it will reach destination quite soon, just need to see whole picture, not Apple only. And the most amazing of all - it will reach it FASTER because of Louis current proposals and public thoughts. Because he constantly asking you to choose the rope or the bullet, just not for them - for yourself. Not a smart and viable choice.

  • I've been watching Louis for quite some time and his effort to explain the monopolistic tech nightmare that is just around the corner is both entertaining and disheartening. Also, I have to admit, few years ago I fell for the free market lolbertarian meme and thought it was "the only logical way". Well it's not. Actually, it's a well crafted scam. The only people who subscribe to those ideas are american boomers, who are one of the greatest catastrophes that ever happened to human kind, the results of their shortsighted selfish greed will resonate on this planet for generations. I'll look into the T2 chip, almost forgot to do it. Didn't read about its software angle. Absolutely crazy. Disgusting.

  • And now attempt to go out of the trap, by trying to make ill logic for Apple to somehow drop this

    Well, as had been said, Apple made this not to care for people better. They made it to increase profits and sell more of their batteries (with huge margins) and take down many of third party services.

    So, idea to somehow convince them that this messages won't help much with improving safety... it is little absurd, as no one cares. It is more like autotraining exercise.

  • The benefit of a free market is I don''t have to choose Apple. Everything they make is sexiness over function; and WAY overpriced. They are selling a status symbol primarily; over user optimization. There apparently is a HUGE market for that; so as a libertarian; while I can't stand them; let them do what they want to; just keep it a free market. Their iPhone UI is 9 years old; but apparently their fanbase doesn't care. Their laptops USE TO BE great; as was the mac mini; but if you can keep pumping out crap and your fanbase keeps buying it while features are removed and price is doubled; then you've obviously succeeded in the marketing to the sheep aspect of business. I'd love to buy an old macbook (and install linux on it) as would I love to buy a 2011 Mac Mini and put linux on it.. But it's still 5x more expensive than it should be..

  • @twoblink

    Got it.

    Let's do one trick. Let's change the point of view.

    Notebooks in sane man land are not really made to be "sold" on the "free market". Notebooks are made so they will fulfill real needs by real people and allow them to do specific real work. Preferable for long time and be easy to repair and upgrade.

    Let's check Apple notebooks from this PoV.
    At first, they have lot of great things made to fulfill real needs, usually normally calibrated screens and nice touchpads. And much more in software department.
    Yet, they are made such way that most frequent repair is replacing whole main board or replacing all keyboard assembly and so on, and it is very costly thing. This is called waste of resources, and contrary to libertarians dreams resources are not falling free from Mars, if you wasted good resources it will be worse for everyone, not for Apple fans only.
    Some of libertarians state with fully ill logic that people are free to pay top dollar for any product or service and company is free to have huge margins. It is just one issue. All this excessive margins are normal money that never went to pockets of ... mostly small players on this exact free market, exactly people from petty bourgeoisie who share same libertarian views.
    Also, as I said above - Apple is monopoly. As changing platform have lot of instant and also hidden costs, like thousands of hours of gained experience, bought software licenses cost and so on.

  • Louis discovers basic properties of imperialism stage of capitalism on his own neck

    Elites, Louis, are serving ruling class and are doing it quite well.
    And if you see issues with their sites for years - it just means that it is no biggie for ruling class.
    Plus it is nice for customs guys, as more small guys will get into their nets.
    Core of ruling class are representing largest corporations and monopolies owners.
    Idea to somehow turn back and return to early stages of capitalism, but without all the nasty things that also had been organic part of no regulations - is stupid idea. It will never happen.

  • And it is still same thing, thinking that media doing their job (aka serving proper guys) are sloppy journalism.


  • It is a thousand times easier to vanquish the centralized big bourgeoisie than to “vanquish” the millions upon millions of petty proprietors; however, through their ordinary, everyday, imperceptible, elusive and demoralizing activities, they produce the very results which the bourgeoisie need and which tend to restore the bourgeoisie.

    V. Lenin.

  • And someone previously told that any price is fair, and any dirty market strategy is fine

  • And now we see at company similar to Apple, but in different niche

    Paypal already got extreme profit from each transcaction cost. Yes, investors want more, but other big monopoly like things also going same way. And no, Louis, in some places and for many businesses it is no alternative to paypal, almost none.

  • Look, Louis don't like free market that is full of dishonest motherfuckers

  • Well, and it looks like he does not understand how capitalism works as it is so fun to watch this idealistic nonsense

    Note also that Louis here breaks all his laws and settings and ask tens of thousands of people to subscribe o channel that the guy actually did not use and did not deserve it according to open market laws, as it is ton of such or better people in this industry. This is Louis how Apple and Paypal are acting - ignoring famous free market and acting out of their interests of just emotional personal connections.

  • Well, so high rent is just consequence of capitalism. Thing that Louis try to tell you, while attacking local government (who literally can't do anything against ruling class), is that greed and local owners and banks interests goes against interests of society. Actually Louis, like some broker, exists also thanks to Apple going fully against interests of society. And as soon as capitalism will end, Apple shit will end to be such and Louis business in its current form will be gone quite fast.

  • All you need to know about capitalism and petty burguasie logic.

    At part, each member of petty burguasie is thinking similar to proletariat member. In Louis part it is that he loves doing actual repairs, know how to do them and want to share information and teach other people. He also sincerely do not understand why capitalists he is talking about do not like any sharing and actually do not like anything except money.

    But, at other part you can observe society, other guys in this videos and just pure economics pushing him towards becoming real capitalist. Expand, become manager and later just hire manager and collect money. Guys who propose him various recipes express interests of ruling class that oppose personal interests of Louis as worker. Yet, as you can see, as any petty burguasie member Louis constantly returns to wet dreams to become larger. Why? Well, because it adds false sense of stability. Yes, it'll take all he loves from him, but may be, as he dreams it will bring peace and order to the galaxy, sorry, to his small barely afloat ship.

  • Very nice long rant about private property, greed and capitalism overall

  • Louis will soon understand how capitalism works, I hope

    As all this rants and search for fairness in capitalism is normal for some child but not educated adult.

  • Good question, but bad answer.

    Smart people, Louis, figured stuff long, long time ago. Start to read.

    Due to idealism Louis do not see horrible flaw even in his own ill logic, as back in time repairs had been much more common, schematics had been much more common and so on. And yet things are getting worse by the day. Where all this "nice people"? They are all act in their economic interests, pressed by shareholders, banks and other members of ruling class.

  • Free market and good honest people finally got Luis.

    Most people in capitalism are alienated from their job, as they do it to survive and to get money. Not because they want you being satisfied and happy, it is just accidental byproduct that sometimes happens.

  • Here we go again

    Instead of looking in whom economic interests it is to keep things illegal, we go into personalities.

    After this we have amusing explanation of why capitalist owners of delivery drivers are not the cause of their driving like suicide idiots.

  • Nice example

    Good part of Apple management - gone, for now :-)

    Understanding of simple fact that capitalism is real cancer of society - fully absent.

    Yet everyday observations of this same thing are being explained by bad economics course parts and common logic.

    Understanding of current stock market - absent completely. Again common logic is used.

  • Capitalism wastes your time and makes good people shitty money hunters

  • Lovely capitalism stories

  • Idea of the puppets now consumed Louis :-) Plus usual idealism.

    Puppets always just do their work as told, and it is capitalists who drive them.

  • Disingenuous AGRX short sellers, LOL