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RED Komodo - last attempt to save old developments
  • In usual manner Jarred wrote:

    • It is not DSMC3
    • It is not a replacement for DSMC2
    • It is not 8k VV
    • It is not a Dragon or a Helium or a Gemini or a Monstro Sensor
    • It does not have an HDMI port
    • It does not use proprietary media
    • It is not a “module”
    • It is not under $5k, unless you own a Hydrogen.
    • It has no XLR ports
    • It does not have a fixed lens
    • It’s body does not weight more than 2 pounds.
    • It is not larger than 4 inches in any dimension.


    O.. and since Komodo is alive and breathing and you will probably see it pop up over the next few weeks and months in the hands of some very talented people banging on it to try and break it.

    Camera had been developed as partner to their smartphone, but as it tanked completely they made few changes.

    Unfortunately RED is fully uncompetitive, and can't eat Z-CAM or BM cameras shares, so here we will see another marketing stunt.

    It will be first cinema camera oriented ONLY to people who won't use it much - to rich and quite young audience, as I had been told it will be lawyers and computer developers in US.

    In other words, it is same audience Panasonic FF cameras are aimed at by Japan marketing management (as my Japanese source told).

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  • Red set the low-end professional product road map many year's ago when the announced but never delivered 3k for $3k (Scarlet). Now they are following other's roadmaps and strategies which is sad. That said, their top of the range products produce great images, so if the can offer similar quality with a lower total cost of ownership/configuration by integrating relatively affordable media etc, it would be great to have a RED sensor based camera that could be ready to shoot for $7k-$9k.

  • Considering that $7k-$9k is the cost of four 1 TB mini-mags, I am going to guess that it will not be "ready to shoot" for that cost.

  • @tfinn

    It will require their smartphone for all advanced features, as besides it will have only record button.

    Target cost to production is around $499 and this is considering very expensive Red methods.

  • Exactly, it will require a smartphone, plus "x", and "x", and after a few more "x"'s, then it will be ready to shoot. In fairness, that's true of a lot of cameras.

    I don't begrudge Red. They have their brand and they have absolute fanatics who will pay any amount of $ for anything they do. All of this Komodo stuff seems like a distraction to the JinniMag stuff, anyway.

  • And to be clear, I think you are 100% right, Vitaly. The target market here is wealthy people who will not use often.

  • @tfinn

    The target market here is wealthy people who will not use often.

    Capitalism loves such things.

    As main purpose of camera consumer for all capitalist firms is to put camera on shelf or break it and buy new ASAP. Usage is not required unless it makes you buy new accessories.

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    we are now in the external testing stage of Komodo... will be for the next few months. During prep late last week with one of our favorite teams of course an impossible request comes in which had about a 4% probability of getting done in time. Low and behold... a few dedicated rockstars from the RED engineering team worked around the clock to get it done and they just got it done. I know most of you came here for the pretty picture ... but now that I have your attention I wanted to make sure everyone knew just how great the people that make all your RED cameras are. Truly above and beyond. So yeah... I’m stealing this moment to say thank you to my team that keeps on doing the impossible... thank you and carry on.

    RED could not wait any longer, so they need at least publish marketing things to oppose two new 6K raw cameras.

    But this time it will tank completely and Jarred won't save the ship.

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  • Rigging most cameras isn’t that expensive If one has been in the game for a while. I’ve used the same rods, evf’s, baseplates on my last 4 camera bodies. The problem with red is, I don’t want their stupid phone to use their camera. And if their phone is necessary, it will be a giant flop.

  • @cls105

    It must be required, as no way they could sell the manufactured stock otherwise.

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  • Komodo Specs

    • What's Komodo? A RED Compact Utility Camera in a small Cube-Cam form factor ready to pickup and shoot. Just add batteries, lens, media, and likely a display.
    • Sensor Technology = New 6K Sensor that features Global Shutter and Rolling Shutter Modes as well as Phase Detect Auto Focus
    • Max FPS = 6K FF @ 40fps, 6K WS @50fps. We can guestimate at 5K and 4K fps, but fps might change as they refine things ever so so slightly
    • Anamorphic Support = Appears so
    • Codec Support = Internal Compressed RAW = REDCODE RAW, unknown if other codecs are supported as of now
    • Lens Mount = Integrated Canon RF Mount (easy to adapt to nearly anything)
    • Media Type = CFast 2.0 (body features a media slot compartment w/ door)
    • Power Options = Dual Slot Canon BP Style Batteries (various capacities) w/ hot swap and ability to run off one battery + DC IN (LEMO) - Lower Power Draw than DSMC2 for sure
    • Camera Control = Integrated Touch Screen, On Camera Buttons, Some sort of Smartphone Interface, WiFi Control, EXT Port
    • Monitoring = Top Side Pogo Cableless Display Tech, 4K 6G or 12G SDI Out
    • Audio = Mic In 3.5mm jack, Headphone Jack, Internal Scratch Mic
    • Camera Cooling = It appears there's an internal heat sink and fan w/ vent
    • Form Factor = < 4x4x4" and built like a tank IMO
    • Body Weight = < 2lbs
    • Body Contruction = Appears to be Magnesium/Aluminum Alloy
    • Buttons/Indicators = On/Off Switch, Power/Status Indicator, Record Button, Tally Light, Menu, Menu Selection Up/Down, Funtion Set, Playback (probably toggle), 2X Eject Buttons for Batteries, Media Compartment Open
    • Wireless Camera Inteface/Control = WiFi w/ Antenna
    • Mobile Phone Support = Android and IOS
    • Rigging = 1/4"-20 around Pogo, 4X M4 around front of camera, 1X M3 for focus hook, general base plate form factor of DSMC2-style bodies
    • Price Point = sub $5,000 USD for Hydrogen One Owners, normal MSRP is a mystery for now
    • Camera Release Date = 2020, likely on the earlier side of things