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GX9 back dial firmware bug?
  • I know that the GX9 is not very popular here, but I've got one in a very good price; but discovered a very strange problem with the rear dial press behaviour that looks like a firmware bug, and want to confirm it if someone have the same camera.

    Since the beginning (at least since the GH2, the 1st Panasonic that I've had - after that was a GX7 and GX85), when using adapted or m4/3 lenses without contacts, like the Rokinons, when you press the rear dial, the enlarged view was activated in the LCD/EVF, which was very convenient to help focusing. But when first trying the GX9, pressing the rear dial with my Rokinon 12mm have no effect at all.

    When looking more closely, I've discovered that in S,M or video modes, pressing the back dial have the previous known behaviour: the enlarged view is engaged. But in the A ou P modes, nothing happens. Did a factory reset, same thing.

    Anyone have this camera and can confirm this? And someone knows how to report a firmware bug to Panasonic?