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Samsung NX500 + 30mm pancake in the mid of 2019:
  • NO hack, standard bitrate, all in auto: unbelievable result to my eyes (but I’m experienced))) I still keep three NX1 with hack (for bitrate) but decided to keep NX500 without hack just for stability, and use it as a main Photo camera. But sometimes use NX500 as a run-n-gun for video, and each time I’m impressed…

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  • Yep nice.

    One thing still is how Samsung encoder behaves with slightly out of focus areas, not sharp ones.

    NX300 had terrible issues, NX500 still has many of them.

    In comparison present GH Panasonic encoders on stationary image behave extremely well even for low bitrates. Including smooth areas.

  • Vitality, Panasonic produces great cameras! I still keep GM1+14mm+8mm+42mm. But colour-wise, resolution and IQ in general: when i quit from Panas to Samsung : i never regret...

  • Vitaliy, almost forgot to thank you for this resource! Respect to your activity!!! From this site i've learned Panas tricks for my cameras, and also i've learned a lot of general knowledge.. Respecta!!!

  • my gh2 hacking days were over. these days i'm modding my lg v20 phone.

    (HDR Version)