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Older Ryzen processors for editing rig
  • Ryzen 3xxx processors are very nice and all, but financially they are not optimal budget choice outside top segment of 12-16 cores.

    Compared to 1-2 gen Ryzen new CPUs real advantage is only around 10-15% on same clock speed, all Ryzen processors are overclockable on any decent motherboard.

    So, we'll go from most bargain CPUs:

    Two latest CPUs are best for file storage servers or for simpler 1080p editing rig.
    Even Ryzen 3 1200 is enough for fast server with 10Gbit connection and pair of NVMe drives that hold most recent footage. Ryzen 1700 will be better and better each month, as Adobe and Resolve with each new release will be more and more aimed for high core CPUs.

    I strongly suggest to use x370-x470 boards, even if used, to have upgrade path for later, check

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  • Good topic. I have new system made on 1700 from ali. Works perfect and it is cheap!

  • I went for a 2200G, you might say I'm overpaying for the CPU.... but heh, it means I can skip buying a graphics card! Ha.

    (at least not really needed for my extremely lightweight and modest needs)

  • @IronFilm

    Well, 2200G is $71 at same place -

    But I do not support using it much. As you will have 8 PCIe lines only, no solder, half the cache, etc.

    Above mentioned 1600 + used 1050 is something around useful minimum now.