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AMD Zen 3 aka Ryzen 4xxx CPUs
  • First unofficial 2020 roadmap surfaced


    Some very early leaks and predictions:

    • 7nm+ process, mostly to make products cheaper by using EUV on some parts
    • around +100Mhz frequency rise on average, +200Mhz stock for top models
    • 1-3% IPC progress
    • DDR4 memory controller must stay same as in Zen 2
    • Possible DDR5 controller for premium x670 boards
    • 8 core price is expected to drop to $199
    • 16 core to $499
    736 x 468 - 62K
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  • AMD made special controlled leak considering Zen 3 chiplets

    • Number of cores and general architecture will be kept the same
    • Progress will slow down a lot with around 2-5% real performance increase compared to current gen
    • Main marketing trick will be 4 way SMT per one core. Such thing is efficient only is certain tasks.
    • For some software due to SMT we will actually see drop in performance as each virtual core will have less real resources
  • AMD's Zen 3 architecture is set to launch next year and if this rumor pans out it will bring no less than 8% greater performance per clock vs current Ryzen 3000 series processors.

    Early Zen 3 engineering samples are able to operate at roughly 200Mhz higher clock speeds compared with the company's early Zen 2 engineering samples

    Reality will be such - 2-4% IPC increase, may be another 3-4% from shared cache in benchmarks.
    Same frequencies, except 1-2 top models that will cost around 30% extra for 100-200Mhz premium.

  • New rumors update.

    AMD plans to shift Ryzen 3 to Q4 of 2020, can happen that even to Q1 of 2021.

    Main reason being TSMC issues with 7nm process and not enough speed of pumping up even original 7nm.

    EUV 7nm is very questionable, you can see unfounded claims of 20% density improvement, but rumors are that it will be focused on mobile chips and won't bring anything good for desktop chips, and can come even with degraded top frequencies and worst thermal issues.

    AMD will also release new Х670 chipset with price being +30% compared to x570 (that is extremely expensive).

  • x670 chipset can be again outsourced to ASMedia, as AMD seems unable to make anything good.

    x570 has lot of issues, horrible heat management, plus AMD matched it's price to reach Zen profits (I mean >300%).

    Only improvements will be upgrade of all lines provided by chipset to PCIe 4.0 lines.

    Chipset also will have config allowing to set it to 8 PCIe lines connection to CPU for usage in new TRX Threadripper boards (same way now remarked x570 is used for such).

  • New rumors propose correct 100-200Mhz gain (at best!)

    But absolutely idiotic +17% IPC.

    Of course, AMD will do everything to properly select tests and use such that will get good gain from new cache size and architecture.

    But real IPC won't change much.

  • Another rumors suggest that AMD abandoned or disabled SMT4 in Zen 3, despite original plans.

    This happened due to thermal issues it caused.