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Cameras sales: Japanese Market
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    At March 2019

    • Canon had 37.3% of Japanese camera market (fixed lens plus system cameras)
    • Nikon had 26,7% of Japanese camera market
    • Sony had 13,1% of Japanese camera market
    • Olympus had 6% of Japanese camera market
    • Ricoh had 5.8% of Japanese camera market

    Compared to year ago (April 2018)

    • Canon sold -1,3% less cameras (in number of units)
    • Nikon sold -15% less cameras
    • Sony sold -6,6% less cameras
    • Olympus sold -13,8% less cameras
    • Fuji sold +19,4% more cameras

    Now if we look at value:

    • Canon got -11,4% less for sold cameras
    • Nikon got -28,5% less for sold cameras
    • Sony got +14,5% more for sold cameras
    • Olympus got -21,3% less for sold cameras
    • Fuji got +0,6% more for sold cameras

    So, even in japan idea to move to FF and hike prices works horribly for now.

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  • Panasonic was not included or... just too small to count?

  • @firworks Too small. m43 is basically Olympus.