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US and EU: We need more money, murder option preferable
  • US blocked all Iran central bank assets and other Iran assets.

    Libya had been first who will never again see their money.

    Sirya and Iran are current targets. Who'll be next?

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  • Russia :-)

  • USA, blocked by China …

  • after finishing all middle-east and north africa countries, i think next hit from US will be GH2 users... because RED afraid us!!!!

  • I know, how can US just keep another's money? Worse than Paypal!

  • I think one really important question is what could be done about it. And honestly I don't see any viable answer. The world is speeding up on the way to self-destruction.

  • The world is speeding up on the way to self-destruction.

    I don't think that this is true.
    We just see situation that happened many times in the past.
    Competition for available resources and markets becomes more tense.

  • While available resources and markets are shrinking and means of competition are as lethal as never before.

  • China is the key player in the US/Israel versus Iran/Syria standoff. It controls major investments in Iran and large collectible debts owed to Chinese banks in US dollars. My expectation is that China will wait patiently until US/Israel willfully mires itself in Iranian quicksand, provoking an oil crisis. China may then see fit to open the Yuan to international trade, instantly devaluing the dollar and establishing China as the world's banker. China will then generously accept devalued US assets in the course of writing off US debts.

  • @LPowell

    My financial advisor was buying Yaun, but says the new trend is the Yen. Who knows?