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Capitalism: Purpose of Game of Thrones
  • So, what had been the purpose of this season and all GoT?

    It is quite simple.

    If you see someone fighting and even executing exploiters and slave owners, fighting for ordinary people - do not follow them and do not believe them. For safety it is also best to make them proper king ancestors to not inject too much bad ideas into people minds.

    They won't care for people that will fight for them (whole purpose of existence of NK and idiotic Episode 3) and almost all of them will die doe no reason or purpose. Here they kind of overdone stuff, as due to plot holes need to constantly resurrect more and more, so NK is not dead after all, it seems :-).

    And right after victory such guys will start butchering their own people, just for fun of the thing. As only mad guys can be against existing slavery and exploitation.

    Yes, during trying to bring such points you will need to rape all existing logic, but it is worse for logic.

    Btw in last episode they'll make another attempt :-).

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  • You are so right!

  • So, as expected.

    Anyone who is against exploiters is just naturally mad, dreams about better future and must be killed :-)

    Someone who behaves like a tree without any purpose must be ruler, and otherwise all shit must remain.

    Most surprisingly is that lot of fans did not see it coming. People are naïve.

    As most viewable series just imagine what message it can tell if they won't add idiotic parts to three episodes (and some others)? Someone who killed exploiters (right thing to do) and had only one real moral goal existing (and followed it generally) becomes sole ruler. Well, it is bad message even besides it is all full fantasy.

    They delivered good message, for ruling class. And no, it is not poor D&D who are to blame.

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