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GH2 Remote+Mic Adapter out there?
  • Hello again, as title says- does anyone know of an adapter, that enables you to use cable-bound remote AND microphone on GH2?
    I'd like to use both until I can afford external audio device..
    The very cheap ebay remote has become a very nice feature to me, since i attached it to the handle of my rig, and i hate to take it off to shoot with mic... thanks!
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  • It is impossible. Camera won't allow it. We had discussion with people who tried it.
  • It is not good :( .
  • oh thats a shame to hear. no dice with hack either? hardware issue i suppose?
  • What do u expect from a consumer camera? :)
  • just 2 friggin ports^^ or an ir remote, like on my good ol' hv30.
    - and i read somewhere that you could solder a cable with 2 connectors for sound and the third for remote..
  • You can solder the cable, but the camera won't see the mic if a remote is plugged in (tested on a GH2). And you can't even unplug the remote after starting recording with it (camera will only see the mic once recording stops).
  • Just get H4n.
  • i'd rather get the h1 - no good?
  • ..but after studying gh1 schematic I can say that this is fully software feature: switching from internal to external mic is software procedure (command and wires going from main board). It will be great for example to have possibility to "manualy" switching to external mic.
  • Hi Andrew can you point me to where you got the schematic?

    I suppose one alternative would be some kind of shade tree design consisting of an electromagnet that pushes the regular shutter release button.