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GH1 3D
  • Hello GH1 3D fans! I have been granted permission to film "over the shoulders" of the 2D crew on a new reality series to be aired on satellite TV in the fall. This is a "racing" show with VERY fast cars and will be shot on the track as well as in the pits and in the garage.

    I am looking for fellow enthusiasts to help me so I can film next month. I have two hackable GH1 cameras with class 10 cards and am using Vegas 10 (or premiere) and will be using a homemade beamsplitter rig as well as some GoPro 3d cams and my standard external audio stuff. My footage won't be aired, but will be made available on DVD and online.

    I have spent days on the DVXForum and am just overwhelmed! I already have a good understanding of basic 2D filming and editing and have been experimenting with 3D for over 20 years so I understand the mechanics of stereoscopy. Any technical help specific to my needs will be appreciated:) I'd like to include you in the credits as well as consider other arrangements for your participation to complete this project successfully.

    1. I need help hacking the cameras in a simple "step by step process" so that they film reliably in a standard frame size, frame rate and bit rate so I can burn 3D DVDs and hopefully broadcast the footage someday on 3Dtv if I am so lucky. How would you do it?

    2. I need tips for syncronizing these cameras. What equipment, cables and techniques should I use?

    3. I need to understand codecs such as AVCHD, MJPEG, H264 etc and need advice on editing, rendering and burning... compression options etc. I will be creating DVDs in various formats such as anaglyph, field sequential and side by side at half width and full width. I may also put 3d trailors on YouTube. Maybe someday I may even experiment with burning 3D BluRay.

    4. I need help understanding what "pulldown" means, benefits of using various codecs, frame rates, bitrates etc. I don't want my footage to be rejected or unuseable for DVDs simply because I filmed using the wrong codec or settings. They have requested that I film in HD according to USA "broadcast standards".

    5. I need advice on lenses. I currently use the stock 14-140 and 14-42.

    thanks so much!
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  • "2. I need tips for syncronizing these cameras. What equipment, cables and techniques should I use?"

    The simplest solution is already given by David Cole.

    I am using micro-controller based device, but it is still under development. However, try using separate switches for focus and "shoot" in remote controller for both cameras.
  • thanks for your quick reply crunchy:) I wonder based on the success you guys are having so far, even if I had the same success would the GH1's be up to the task as far as syncing them to film fast cars? I love the picture quality I get with my GH1's but may need to go with a genlocked system like sony instead. In short, do you think they can sync well enough? My GoPros have the 3D sync wire so they work perfect for me... I wish there were such a simple wire to connect my GH1's!

    When you say switches, what type of remote controller do you recommend? ...and when your micro controller device is perfected will you be able to sell me one?

    About compression, it seems that h.264 mp4 is standard for dvd... I tried various settings and I have uploaded a 20 second gh1 3D sample at using Sony codec. Do you think this will be adequate quality for viewing on a dvd? Also can I still get the 1080-30p resolution on a regular dvd or will I need to burn to BluRay? any thoughts... anyone?
  • Fast scenes are usually not the most appropriate for 3D. However, don't be discouraged. Degree of synch depends on camera's drift, since initial synch can be adjusted by external electronics (like mine). Drift depends on selected pair of cameras. Certainly, it would be much easier to buy Sony or JVC cameras, but you are limited to relatively small base. They are not suitable for distant objects like cars during the race.

    When I make my controller, I could make another one, but you'll have to wait for some time. :-(

    Unfortunately, I was not possible to view your file in Stereoscopic Player or indirectly via AVS script. Can you transform it into some other codec? Is it the original file from Sony? A regular DVD as Video DVD has standard resolution. Of course you can write higher resolution files on a DVD (shorter footage, of course), but it won't be written in Video DVD standard and maybe it won't be read by stand-alone players in higher resolution. It's better to burn on BluRays. They are relatively cheap.
  • Is there a preferred universal codec to use for 3D that works well with Stereoscopic Player and also good to burn to DVD and BluRay as well that will play on most 3D tv's? I will re-render the clips and upload to that folder as I go.

    Also what battery system do you recommend? is there an eBay link I can use to buy it? and then is it easy to split the signal? Sorry for all the questions:) I see info about this on the dvx site but it's a bit confusing exactly what I need to do.

    Looking forward to the remote controller when it's developed. Can I contribute to it's early development? Next payday I will be donating to this site and to other developers. Thanks crunchy and everyone!
  • I've attached a simple diagram here that shows a basic, mechanically switched sync "controller". This device DOES work well with GH1s and manual lenses, but, may not be the ideal solution. One of its biggest faults is that the manual switches may "bounce" when closed which can cause sync problems. It does work for me. Your milage may vary! Builder beware!

    Usage is simple:

    1) turn GH1s on (with controller power off)
    2) switch controller power on
    3) press "shutter release" - cameras will begin recording
    4) at end of take, press "shutter release" to stop recording
    5) power both cameras off using the GH1 power switches (not the controller power)
    GH1 gang controls.jpg
    720 x 540 - 53K