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GH2 @3200-12800 ISO (100MBps) live performance
  • Great song, wonderful performance, awesome low light b&w image. I used Driftwood's Quantum 100 patch, which restricted my two 16GB SD cards to a total of 40 min capacity (instead of 180), slowed down my Mac Pro dramatically, but was absolutely worth it :-) Thank you so much Vitaliy and Driftwood!

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  • Nice work. Were you using multiple cameras?

  • Thanks. I only used one camera and a monopod, but the song was performed twice. You can tell from the "continuity mistakes" (e.g. the jacket of the keyboards player). All the rest of the C.U. cutaways were shot during the performance of other songs, and I had to synchronize different tempos to match them.

  • I figured some of the cutaways could have been shot during other songs, but still couldn't account for direct transitions from one angle to another where it was clearly the same song. I wasn't paying enough attention to notice the continuity errors... Anyway, thanks for the explanation. Very nicely done.

  • Yes...very nicely done ! the audio it captured from the board or with external recorder ?

  • Thank you. The audio comes from the mixing console of the gig. However, the audio captured from the GH2 build-in mike is more than decent (I've used a bit of it for the applause at the end).

  • This is really well done. Thanks for explaining how you shot it. The music is also great - it is rare to see such a well done music video.

  • It's great done. Only on some of the audience-shots the 12800 ISO produces visible noise anyway. Never seen such a great live video taken with ONE cam! All the problems you described you have solved in a way that they will not even be recognised.

    The only thing that is realy horrible to me, is a reggae drummer with a neck tie ;-)

  • Thanks very much, guys. I also love the music and the performance.

    The noise in the 12800 shots is visible but tolerable, especially if you film in b&w and crash the blacks in grading. I usually underexpose 1/2 stop when I shoot, but on this occasion I overexposed everything a bit, so I could minimize noise in mid-tones and highlights.

    The neck tie is not that horrible if you consider this is a big band (playing jazzy-funky-world fusion) and not a typical reggae group :-)

  • One camera, two takes, -- this is really an excellent music video. The Maysles brothers could not have done better.

  • Thanks a lot bentman, but I think the comparison with the Maysles brothers is far too generous :-)

  • Something about her... very sexy, and the images you got are great. Nice edit. I was looking for the other cameras! I like the song too.