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Why camera companies are killing camera market?
  • Look around, you see camera companies cutting development of new models. Innovations speed drops fast.


    You see more and more new protected and incompatible camera mounts.

    You see more and more expensive camera prices and lenses prices.

    And all this leads to unprecedented drop in camera sales. With management telling that it is all bad smartphones. They lie.

    We cover most exhibitions and attendance on all of them is rising. And 98% people in private talks tell that they want to try and touch new cameras, but can't buy them.Too expensive. And this is paired with fast price drops on many camera bodies.

    In reality we see huge hierarchical systems fighting for their survival, you can imagine them as dinosaurs. Such system in the search of survival drops to most primitive, natural and "worked for our parents" solutions. It means - cut development costs and rise prices. In the plans discussed during meetings each year all looks amazing. They put drop in sales in plans, but compensate it with around 10-35% of profits hike per body, and around 10-20% of development costs cut. Unfortunately it never works as intended.

    They view transformations like extreme dangers and all previous transformations worked only during periods of fast growth where new structures could be added and slowly overgrow older ones and later naturally merge or transform and kill old parts.

    Cameras are computers, they are not advanced film cameras as they are being treated by all Japanese managers. And computers require exponential rise in complexity that leads to unification of OS and software and also bringing in third party developers. As even huge companies can only provide tiny amount of requested features.

    Yet, Japanese dinosaurs continue to struggle for survival and due to Japan specific business structure can't even marge as was necessary years ago.

    It'll all end very bad, really bad.

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  • Sony Germany unofficially told him that Sony expect to sell less camera sin 2019 due to increased competition and market reduction.