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Insta360 EVO 3D/2D Convertible 360/180° VR Camera
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    • 180° 3D / 360° 2D Convertible Camera
    • Up to 5.7K30 Video, 18MP Photos
    • Compact Design
    • FlowState Digital Image Stabilization
    • Folding Design Changes Format
    • Two Wide-Angle Fisheye Lenses
    • Separate Video and Photo Shutter Buttons
    • Stores to microSD Card
    • Micro-USB Power and Data Transfer
    • 113 g
    • 9.8 x 4.9 x 2.6 cm
    • $419



    Create stunning, professional 360/180° 2D and 3D VR video with the compact EVO 3D/2D Convertible 360/180° VR Camera from Insta360. The clever folding design allows you to shoot in two different formats: record 360° 2D video when the camera is folded closed with the lenses on either side, and when it is open flat with the lenses on the same side you can record 180° 3D video. The high-resolution EVO records up to 5.7K30 video and 18MP photos.

    When in 360° 2D mode, the EVO utilizes Insta360's FlowState digital image stabilization, which compensates for shake captured in your videos and provides you with smoother footage. Basic gyro stabilization is used when in 180° 3D mode, which helps stabilize some minor shakes.

    In the 180° 3D shooting position the heavy-duty hinge is held open with a locking switch, and a quick release latch holds it closed in 360° mode. There are separate video and photo shutter buttons for quick and easy capture. Video is stored on a built-in microSD card and is transferred through its micro-USB port. The camera is also charged via the same micro-USB port.

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  • That's pretty neat.

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    Meet EVO: Insta360’s Foldable Camera Shoots 180 3D and 360 New HoloFrame Lets You Watch Naked-Eye 3D on Your Phone

    Insta360 today launched EVO, a revolutionary way to capture life’s best moments. A quick-folding body allows EVO to transform between two shooting modes, one for shooting lifelike 180-degree 3D content and another for immersive 360 that captures every angle at once.

    Insta360 also announced two new technologies that make reliving memories in 3D easier than ever

    Insta360 VR, a new app for Oculus Go, HTC VIVE Focus and Samsung Gear VR, allows you to connect EVO to a headset for streamlined wireless playback and transfer. Insta360 HoloFrame is a specially designed phone display cover that lets you watch 3D photos and video with the naked eye. It’s simple, mind-blowing and feels like magic.

    Compatible with both iOS and Android, EVO is available to order today via, B&H Photo Video and select retailers worldwide.

    Relive what you love

    We remember experiences in three dimensions, and to fully capture a moment, a camera needs to do the same.

    EVO makes it easy to immortalize the moments that matter. Unfold its dual lenses, tap the shutter button and EVO captures reality just as we see it. 5.7K 180 3D video and 18 MP 180 3D photos mean that both details and depth stand up to reality.

    Life all in.

    Some experiences are so rich and unpredictable — or they demand so much of our attention — that it’s impossible to choose just one direction to point a camera.

    That’s where 360 capture comes in handy. Fold the EVO so its lenses are back to back and it shoots 5.7K 360 video and 18 MP 360 photos, ensuring that users capture every angle and never miss a shot.

    Two new ways to play.

    Content captured on the EVO can be played back on any VR headset, allowing for 3D immersion. Using the new Insta360 VR app, users can also wirelessly connect EVO to an Oculus Go, HTC VIVE Focus (support coming later this month) or Samsung Gear VR for instant 5.7K playback straight off the camera. The app also offers streamlined file transfer and real-time VR monitoring while shooting with the EVO.

    There are times, though, when a headset isn’t handy or when it’s easier to share a moment with friends and family by simply opening it up on a phone like we usually do.

    That’s the idea behind the innovative Insta360 HoloFrame, allowing naked-eye playback of 3D content straight from a smartphone — no glasses needed. Insta360 co-engineered HoloFrame with Mopic, a South Korea-based company focused on innovative approaches to 3D playback.

    HoloFrame pops straight over a smartphone display (think a reverse phone case). Then, users open their favorite 3D photo or video in the EVO app. During playback, the app uses eye-tracking to align with a viewer’s gaze and display an image that takes on a lifelike three dimensions in their line of sight. It’s a groundbreaking way to experience 3D content that has to be seen to be believed.

    Sold separately, HoloFrame is priced at $29.99 USD and available today for iPhone models X, XS, XS Max and XR, with additional versions for Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+ and Note 8 models coming soon.

    180 3D to go.

    Good stabilization is essential for both 360 and 180 3D content, especially when it’s viewed in a headset. That’s why EVO uses FlowState Stabilization, the industry-leading tech that captures footage so stable it looks gimbal-mounted.

    Filming 180 3D used to mean you were stuck in place, with footage that became unwatchable as soon as you moved. Now, creators can move freely to get the shot, while ensuring footage stays smooth, steady and headset-ready.

    Control time and perspective.

    Insta360’s signature TimeShift mode puts a 360 twist on time-lapse and hyper-lapse photography, allowing EVO users to control both the flow of time and the perspective of the camera at any given moment.

    TimeShift is a killer feature for travel experiences, family events and more.

    HDR video and photos.

    When you shoot an ultra-wide 180 or 360 field of view, accurately capturing the full range of lighting information in a scene is especially important.

    EVO uses best-in-class HDR video capture technology for both 180 and 360 shooting modes. Scenes look natural and vibrant in every direction, with no post processing necessary. HDR photos are also supported for both 180 and 360 shooting modes.

    Shoot and edit in a snap.

    The EVO’s companion app makes capturing and editing great moments easy. WiFi connectivity lets users see what they’re capturing on EVO in real time, and then quickly transfer footage to their phone.

    Next, they can review, trim and tweak 180 and 360 content with a few taps, or reframe 360 footage to create a perfect edit.

    The app also lets users easily publish 360 and 180 3D content to supporting platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook.

    Available now.

    EVO is priced at $419.99 USD and available to order now via, B&H Photo Video and select retailers worldwide.

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  • Insta360 today announced a new partnership with HTC that will make creating and watching VR content easier than ever.

    Insta360 EVO, the innovative foldable VR camera, is now seamlessly integrated with HTC’s VIVE Focus and VIVE Focus Plus headsets, allowing for instant wireless playback and real-time VR preview during capture.

    “The VIVE Focus and Focus Plus are designed to make the most immersive VR experiences accessible to consumers and enterprise users alike. Now, when paired with an Insta360 camera, VIVE users can create, relive and share their best memories like never before,” said Alvin Wang Graylin, HTC China President.

    The camera integration is accomplished using the new multi-mode capability of HTC’s headsets. Multi-mode functionality lets users connect their headset to a wide range of third-party devices — from smartphones to gaming consoles — to experience an unlimited variety of both immersive and traditional content on their headset. Insta360 is HTC’s exclusive camera partner for this new broad-based VR ecosystem.

    How It Works

    Pairing the Insta360 EVO with one of HTC’s standalone headsets is simple. First, users download the new Insta360 VR app from HTC’s VIVEPORT app marketplace.

    Once it’s installed on their headset, they can connect directly to the Insta360 EVO’s onboard WiFi.

    Then, they can play back any of their favorite 180 3D or 360 photos and videos directly from the EVO’s memory card over a high-speed WiFi connection. There’s no need to transfer, stitch, edit or process the footage in any way — just capture, connect and play. And of course, if users do prefer to transfer footage to their headset for later playback, EVO also does this in a snap.

    VIVE users can also connect to the EVO during capture to get a real-time view of exactly what their finished project will look like in a VR headset. It’s the ultimate way for VR creators to ensure that they capture exactly the moment they want.

    Insta360 EVO is priced at $419.99 USD and available to order now via, B&H Photo Video and select retailers worldwide.

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