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Capitalism: How subscription works
  • Last July, AT&T increased the cost of its live TV streaming bundles by $5 per month. And beginning in April, AT&T will add another $10 per month. That means the cost of a monthly subscription has gone up more than 40 percent in less than one year.

    When DirecTV Now launched in 2016, it offered more than 100 live streaming channels for $35 per month. When these new changes go into effect, the company will offer DirecTV Now Plus at $50 per month for 40-plus channels and DirectTV Now Max at $70 per month for 50-plus channels. So not only will you be paying more, you'll be getting less.

    You'll see exact same story repeat with Adobe and all else. And they won't stop.

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  • It is nice that capitalism gives us the choice to subscribe or not. If consumers don’t subscribe, things will change.

  • @caveport

    Capitalism also give you choice - pay huge money and make medical operation and survive or not. If you won't do it - things will certainly change and fast :-)

    Same here - it is huge monopolists and most of them rise prices on subscriptions. Idea to not subscribe and go to competition works on market of many small competitive agents, but not in modern times.

    My internal talks tell that Adobe management constantly bring up rates hikes but they want to go slow. Investors asked them to double profits in next 2 years (they did same in past two years making largest consumer ripping complain presented as something good!).

  • Choice still works. It’s happening here with renewable energy. It’s a proletariat change. No amount of pessimistic argument will change reality.

  • @caveport

    You better not bring renewable energy here :-)

    And topic was about how you have not much choice, this is whole idea of monopolies and such giants.

    Better look at the content giants produce. Do you have choice? Yes, if you want to select among different kinds of shit.

  • I have plenty of choice, but I choose to NOT choose shit. Nobody is forcing anyone to subscribe to shit. Your personal view is only for you, not others. Giants can be ignored as they don’t control everything yet. If you choose shit, you perpetuate the shit. Don’t subscribe & things will change. I find your thinking quite outdated.

  • @caveport

    My thinking is quite modern and marches reality.

    Instead idea to somehow escape from society issues and find some nice stuff results in failure

  • Dropbox limits users of its free service to 3 devices

    Dropbox users with a free account can now only link up to three devices to Dropbox. But if you have more than three computers, phones, or whatever, you can still unregister a device to add a new one — it’s just going to be a pain for multi-device folks. There is one caveat though: Dropbox Basic users that have already linked more than three devices prior to March, 2019 will be able to continue to use those devices… but they cannot add any new devices without freeing up a space.

  • Idea that we must subscribe to something is old thinking. Change your behaviour or become meaningless drone. Failure is in mind not reality.

  • @caveport

    As soon as they will implement subscription to food you will change your mind :-)

  • Nice joke! Usual response. Are you AI bot?

  • @caveport

    Turn on thinking process, never write again posts in grey cells hibernation mode.