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Cuba: Huge issues ahead
  • New constitution changes pushed by corrupt and opportunist elite

    The recognition of private property;

    And here they mean private property for means of production.

    The recognition of foreign investment;

    Same thing, recognition of ability to foreign monopolies to exploit citizens.

    The restoration of the position of Prime Minister of Cuba;

    The position of mayor being added to that of president of a municipal assembly;

    Slow preparation of citizens.

    86.85% of voters ratified the document, but in an unprecedented display of ballot-box dissent, more than 700,000 people voted against it

    And this is that propaganda can do if people do not think themselves.

    The state had campaigned hard prior to the vote, casting a “yes” vote as an act of patriotism and a vote for the Revolution. TV, radio, posters, billboards and huge banners unfurled over public buildings urged the population to get out and vote. Even the electric ticker boards on buses chugging along Havana’s main thoroughfares read “I Vote Yes” (“Yo Voto Sí”).

    People will remember this.

    The new constitution reaffirms the Communist Party as the only legitimate political party on the island, defines access to health and education as fundamental rights, and claims that humans can only “reach full dignity” through “socialism and communism”.

    Just like Chinese friends :-)

    People always have been the foolish victims of deception and self-deception in politics, and they always will be until they have learnt to seek out the interests of some class or other behind all moral, religious, political and social phrases, declarations and promises.