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Light follows Red, in patent dispute it pushed Sony to work with them
  • Light, the leader in advanced computational imaging announces the agreement with Sony Semiconductor Solutions, the leader in the Image Sensor industry to jointly work on development and marketing of multi-image sensor solutions.

    The agreement allows Light to use and recommend to its customers and partners, Sony’s image sensors built in Light’s computational imaging solutions and reference designs. These new reference designs combine Light’s multi-camera technology together with Sony’s image sensors to create new multi-camera applications and solutions beginning with the introduction of smartphones containing four or more cameras.

    “Sony is the recognized quality and market share leader in image sensors and we are thrilled to partner with them,” said Dave Grannan, CEO and co-founder, Light. “We are entering an entirely new era of intelligent imaging applications that will transform smartphones, autonomous vehicles, and security systems. With Sony’s world-class image sensors, we can introduce new innovations in the multi-camera imaging space.”

    “We are excited to be working with Light and driving multi-sensor-based products and solutions into the market,” said Hank Ochi, president of Component Solutions Business Division, Sony Electronics Inc. “Light and its technology are transforming how devices see the world. This new partnership will allow us to work together to evolve and speed up the design of today’s multi-image sensor enabled connected devices. Starting today, our jointly developed reference designs will help our smartphone OEMs to quickly and easily enhance the imaging capability of multi-camera enabled smartphones.”

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    In reality Light is now more like Patent troll having lot of patents on multi-sensor smartphones configurations and setups.

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  • Same with Xiaomi

    Light, the leader in advanced computational imaging, and Xiaomi Corporation, an internet company with smartphones and smart hardware connected by an Internet of Things (IoT) platform at its core, today announced the signing of an agreement to jointly develop and market new imaging solutions for smartphones. The partnership will see Light bring together its advanced computational imaging technology with Xiaomi’s long history of innovation in building high-end smartphone devices, enabling the companies to bring to market multi-camera smart devices with DSLR-level capabilities.

    “Xiaomi is one of the most innovative smartphone device manufacturers with an incredible pedigree, and we’re excited to enter this partnership with them,” said Dave Grannan, CEO and co-founder, Light. “Light’s computational imaging is forever changing the way our devices see the world, and we look forward to applying our pioneering multi-camera technology and empowering their devices with the imaging solutions of the future.”

    “We are thrilled to partner with Light to leverage their advanced imaging solutions for our future devices,” said Zhu Dan, VP, smartphone division, GM of camera department, Xiaomi. “Xiaomi works tirelessly to remain at the forefront of smartphone innovation, and perfecting smartphone photography is a key focus for us. We are excited to work on devices using Light’s technology so our users can produce even more amazing photos.”

    Light quickly becoming second Rambus.

  • Light has an ASIC, how is that a patent troll. It's used in Nokia 9. As for the patents, they incubated the tech over a decade, why shouldn't they be entitled to them?

  • @radikalfilm

    Light has an ASIC, how is that a patent troll. It's used in Nokia 9.

    Well, it is more complex. Light holds some core patents so them doing ASIC is just method to make it all work. Present main LSI still has certain limits on cameras it can control.

    Do they have some original knowledge? Clearly.

    Do society greatly benefit if it won't be very small closed group who can't properly make even their demo camera and instead it being all people whoa re involved in the field? Clearly.

    As for the patents, they incubated the tech over a decade, why shouldn't they be entitled to them?

    Because whole patents thing in modern age is wrong. Knowledge and production is so social that any attempt to make hurdles only makes damage.