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Razer going out of smartphones business
  • Company fully cancelled Razer Phone 3 development and also fired small crew responsible for smartphones. As actual design and development had been made by top Chinese brands anyway we can see not finished phone being changed and released under native brand. Industry sourced told that Razer actions are tightly related to new upcoming round of trade war and cancelling development sooner is just measure to minimize losses due to war.

    US is expected to widen and making official total bans on several Chinese top brands, now bans partially work thanks to unlawful agreements with top couriers and largest shops. It is also expected that Apple can fully leave few large markets this year including Chinese one and may be India.

    Spring and following months can be also time for Sony, LG and HTC silently going out of smartphones market as all three companies smartphone departments are living only on big funds injections all past years.

    Red is also expected to fully leave smartphone market this year after very brief period of making their overpriced and underpowered smartphone. Red can also do first rounds of cuts in camera department due to falling sales and especially less interest from rental business.