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New Vimeo

    Is it just me, or did they improve the quality and got rid of the gamma shift? All my videos seem brighter (i.e. more like the original files)

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  • I like the standard player size now too - 960 x 540. Looks really nice.

  • Yes!! Been waiting years, literally

  • They finally added Creative Commons search! Man, been waiting years, as Sage said. This looks great, hope they let me in the beta soon :)

  • I don´t know if it´s just me but.. I don´t like the new vimeo that much..the new functions are great but the screen is too big for me.. I would prefer something between the old one and the new one.. with my other videos on the right side .. I know they want to focus the viewers attention to the video, but maybe a something like blur function.. when you hit play all other things like videolist, comments, groups, likers would be slightly blurred so it would not disturb anybody. and when you pause or end watching , videos, comments, likers would become readable again..

  • You can now skip ahead on videos without it having to buffer. Nice.

  • What I don't like is the white Background/design. Looks very sound but it outshines the video and hurts the eye. Popular sits should go dark to save enery.

  • Its looking amazing. The videos look fantastic

  • @Alex only if you are in the dark ages(pun intended) and using a CRT monitor. The backlight on an LCD monitor is on all the time and it requires more energy to make the screen dark to block that light than it does to let it display white.

  • @Alex

    Good call, in principle! The idea that web publishers should save energy - by whatever means - is a novel one.

    For years IT has been claiming kudos for digital publishing saving trees and telecommuting eliminating transport, but the electricity bill has been climbing all the time.
    Internet servers and nodes are finally getting blamed for hidden energy consumption. Only recently was the carbon cost of a single Google search revealed to us & it's not negligible.

    @jpbturbo Thanks for reminding us of the obvious shortcomings of current LED (and LCD) screen technology. Let's hope future generations of screens take a step forward in power efficiency.

  • I remembered that someone did the math for what power saving effect it would have, if only google had a black background design. I just like the idea. However - personally I like dark UIs and webpages. It is gentile to the eye.

  • Watching bright screens late at night suppresses the body's ability to produce sleep-inducing melatonin.

  • @Roberto: I guess one could call the inability to save energy by using a dark background a "shortcoming" of LCD, except for the fact that even at full power, most LCD screens use much less energy than a CRT with an energy-saving dark background.

  • @KeithLommel Yes, you're right. Obviously there's still lots more saving that can be achieved; the current screens work like a projector, much of the blacked-out light converted to heat. Manufacturers and technology are market-driven, so at least the battery-saving advantage of more efficient screens on portable devices will help drive R&D.