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No cries of 'help me', no emoticons, but please, help me with 720/60fps problems on GH2!
  • Heya guys, I would massively appreciate your help. I'm pretty new in the world of videography, and thus my grasp of the deeply technical is pretty shaky, so please go easy on me.

    In essence, the nature of the problem is that I always get the dreaded 'motion recording was cancelled due to the write speed' message whenever I try to record in manual/720. There seems to be no such problems in cinema24, manual/motion jpeg or manual/1080. I'm trying to use 720/60fps to reap the benefits of slow-mo in the edit. The error message is a particular PITA because it requires a battery out reboot every time it occurs, which is less-than-ideal when the whole kit and kaboodle is mounted on a gimbal.

    Here's the kicker though: I'm working with a Sandisk Xtreme Pro 32g, with a 10 write speed and 3UHS - which should be more than man enough for the job. I've also changed the firmware to the Sanity hack (because I heard it was pretty reliable) in case it was a firmware issue. But the issue has occurred both on original GH2 firmware and the hack.

    The depth of my ignorance on camera related tech makes the kola borehole look pretty shallow, so go on, let this damsel in distress know, where am I going wrong!?

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  • Did you start to shoot some photos before recording video? It might solve your PITA -;)

  • Alas, that didn't seem to do the trick - I'm still getting the message regardless of whether I take photos just before, and regardless of whether I use red button filming or set the dial to actual videocam mode.

    Don't suppose you've got any other tricks in your pocket, do you?

    Can I push the question a little further? I do find myself stuck with only having the options of cinema24, AVCHD1080, or Motion Jpeg, am I best to set up with cinema24 - considering I'd like the flexibility to add slow mo in the edit where appropriate (or indeed, inappropriate).