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Notebooks cooling sometimes sucks badly and not only in Apple products
  • We discovered some odd performance results between the two HP SKUs we tested. More specifically, the Core i7-8650U SKU would have slower CPU performance than the Core i5-8250U SKU. CineBench R15 Multi-Thread reveals that the Core i5 SKU can be 10 percent faster than the Core i7 SKU (493 points vs. 447 points).


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  • Proper modern cooling must be ala


    So it'll be loud in case of table usage and almost silent if you put it into note cooling pad.

  • I will completely agree with this. I have a Dell with a 6-core i9/1050ti and it throttles hard when under prolonged load. I repasted the CPU/GPU and it helped a little, but not enough that I can maintain a 4k timeline in Resolve - and even when the timeline is 1080p (with 4k footage), the laptop frequently sounds like a jet engine taking off (and still throttles).

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    One thing I suggest is to have nice almost silent laptop stands where you work (not on the go).

    And make lot of small holes in the bottom cover using electrical drill, temps can drop as much as 20 degrees.

  • I'd consider that, but I wouldn't be super excited to drill a bunch of extra holes in my laptop.

    I also got curious recently about whether anybody was making a very small external GPU based on something like a 1070ti maxq or similar. Right now, the heatsink is shared between the GPU and CPU on my laptop so if I could reduce the work on the internal GPU, maybe it would help. The best reputable options (right now) seem to be the Lenovo G0A10170UL (1050) and the Sonnet eGPU puck (RX 560). If that works out, I could (in theory) make my next laptop a 13" instead of a 15"