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Microsoft HoloLens 2 introduced
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    It is expected that second version will have much bigger field of view for overlay graphics.

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  • Have they sorted our the patent dispute with the company somehow granted a 3D patent on reflections off a screen. I talked to that company once, and pointed out an example. They were under the impression anything which did that was under their patent. So I moved on.

  • I really want to get one of these. I had discussions with a head display company about doing AR setup ideas, then the next year or so, that announced this. But I still need to get my hands on something in the 4k-8k+ range for health reasons.

  • Microsoft specially hiked price to $3500.

    Main offering for all corporate clients will be $125 monthly subscription that includes Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

    It is one of the new significant step of moving all income infrastructure to subscriptions model.

    Next year we can see change in Microsoft notebooks, tablets and new Xbox.
    Most of them will get much higher prices and offering of rental or lease contracts.
    Since around 2014-2015 Microsoft is planning to own 80-90% of all hardware it makes.