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Clearance sale--cameras, mics, camcorders
  • Selling a whole bunch of gear. 5% of all sales will be donated to Personal View. Must be a real person. Most of this stuff is really mint. Ship to USA only to real address.
    Item #1
    Lumix G7 Hacked to enjoy unlimited recording. Silver. Mint. The silver is quite nice, actually. Body, Charger and original battery plus clone spare battery. Used as a B cam for ten indoor video shoots only, plus some stills. This camera is silent in use for video (no IS whir or fan). Very light weight, great for travel. $250 plus $15 Insured shipping Priority.
    Also included: the original box (box is in pretty good shape, but not mint like the camera) original unused strap, original unused software (never tried the software...) The hack, which allows for unlimited recording, is reversible, but you would not want to reverse it.

    Item #2 Olympus Pro Zoom 12-60 2.8-4 FOUR THIRDS with electronic adapter.
    This is an awesome lens, but it is built like a tank. I have the 12mm prime, the 14mm prime, the 50, the 60, the 75, so I don't use it, but it is very sharp, very bright lens.
    It's 4/3, not m4/3, but has an electronic adapter
    Absolute mint. $175 plus $15 priority mail shipping

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  • @DrDave

    Good idea is to format it better and add photos.

  • Will do. I have several offers for this gear for more money, but I would rather it went to someone from PV. I will post some photos later today.