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Chinese Gear
  • OK guys - here is an example of a gear shop in Shanghai called 'Nlook'

    In Chinese 'Follow Focus" would be '跟焦机' pinyin= Gēn jiāo jī

    Currently the RMB = 6.48110:1USD

    Nlook is not the cheapest, and I have never tried their stuff but its a good example of what you can easily find around here.

    It may be best to look up : (chinese ebay) and paste in 跟焦机 or whatever in search. perhaps our Chinese literate members can do more heavy searching. I could ask my wife, but I'm not 'supposed' to be shopping around for any gear. LOL

    As a newbie - I don't want to spend so much either but like a lot of people I've been bitten by cheap ass gear more than once so I ended up buying this nice follow focus unit from a Taiwanese shop here in Shanghai called 'Keystone' that sells 'Skier' branded gear (they seem to fashion themselves after Redrock - they are a local Redrock supplier). It was 2560 RMB ( $395USD ) - I know I could of gotten cheaper like the D|Focus - but that looks really flimsy.

    FF link:

    The unit is excellent quality, very smooth with no backlash - with a nice quick release mount & gear adjustment.

    Taiwan Shop Link:

    I know it's all in Chinese - but google translate got me to find all these things :-)

    Good Luck!

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  • Actual thing with them is to know intermediary who'll be able to forward your parcels (and most of the time pay for you also, especially on taobao).
    Do you know such companies?

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  • Interesting things from taobao shop:




    Especially gear is funny :-)
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  • I'll have to look around for an intermediary as I have never needed one.

    About 'Nlook' I should stop by there 'shop' one day and I quote shop because most of these are operated out of an apartment :-)

    But I have seen Wondlan products in proper photo markets here.
  • Kphoto is just a store up in Taipei. They do sell a line called Skier thats made here in Taiwan

    The hardware is quite nice and the follow focus that they make feels nice. I played with it in the shop.

    Also note that Taiwan is not a part of China.
  • @bitcrusher

    I really like the Kphoto folks - the mom and eldest son have been really helpful. I have not been to the Taiwan shop, but the Shanghai shop keeps the same stock and prices.

    Is there a direct Skier shop?
  • Taobao is a good choice,
    but they won't sell internationally.
    ONLY inside china I think.
  • >Taobao is a good choice, but they won't sell internationally. ONLY inside china I think.

    You must find proper intermediary company to buy in taobao.

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