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Capitalism: France ruling class is same as all else
  • A new law under consideration could make any demonstration illegal to begin with if not previously approved by authorities.

    French government appears set to enact something close to a martial law scenario prohibiting almost any protest and curtailing freedom of speech.

    Well, in the history countless time ruling class tries to fight with protests in similar ways.

    Issue is that if it is real conflict of interests you can't fix it by banning other side to express their interests openly.

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  • Activists from the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement have vandalized nearly 60% of France's country-wide speed camera network, according to Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who said that the wilful damage was a threat to road safety and endangered lives, according to the BBC.

    Extent of the damage - now believed to affect more than half of all 3,200 speed cameras in the country's network - was unknown until Mr Castaner's statement on Thursday.

    This cuts lot of funds that goes to finance police and such.

    The movement’s adherents said they hoped the banking action will force the French government to heed their demands, especially giving citizens the right to propose and vote on new laws.

    This is highly improbable as such savings sum is small in bank account and government will just remonetize them, same as they did since 2008 constantly.