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Xiaomi aka the Monster
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  • Apple: premium pricing, high profit margin

    Xiaomi: eliminate middlemen to lower prices, increased product output to further lower production costs, then even lower prices for consumer.

  • @jleo

    Most Xiaomi (and related) branded products outside smartphones are placed similar to Apple products, they are quite expensive, sometimes one of most expensive of market options. Yet properly designed and good quality.

  • some cheaper Xiaomi stuff :)

  • Xiaomi India opens 500 Mi Stores at once, sets Guinness World Record

    Xiaomi India explained the expansion is part of a “New Retail” model for India where it aims to provide “flagship store experience” to customers in rural areas. The company is setting even bigger goals for 2019 - to open 5,000 new brick-and-mortar stores and to employ over 15,000 people across the whole country.

    Xiaomi opens its biggest European Mi Store in Paris

    Today Xiaomi is taking a new step in its expansion in Europe. The company opens the biggest Mi Store on the Old Continent in Paris, France, at the famous Champs-Elysees street. Although the launch is scheduled for 1 PM local time, some people started lining at sunrise with temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius.

  • From new presentation


    786 x 437 - 45K
  • Also Xiaomi


    754 x 791 - 35K
  • More stuff


    800 x 441 - 61K
  • Xiaomi Ninestars Smart


    746 x 530 - 38K
  • I have a Xiaomi Phone best experience in a mobile so far, AMAZING relation price quality.

  • India - land of Xiaomi


    780 x 780 - 74K
  • 4K Projector


    • real 4K resolution
    • 1700 ANSI Lumens
    • HDR 10
    • 456 × 308 × 91mm
    • Android and MUIU interface
    • 3x HDMI 2.0 and USB
    • $1600 price
    733 x 569 - 41K
  • They just opened a 'Mi' in Panama and I wandered in the other day. Wild! They make everything from screwdrivers to glasses to scooters to luggage to kitchen stuff hahah.

  • Look at this


    And MI Band 4 did not shipped in volume at this time. Now it is shipping in huge amounts.

    733 x 503 - 61K
  • Smart pillow



    748 x 582 - 50K
    739 x 465 - 36K
  • Xiaomi VP, Lin Bin, said that the company’s camera department has put in a lot of work over the past few years. According to him, Xiaomi’s R&D team has grown from about 400 to more than 3,700 in just three years. This goes to show how fast the company is growing.

  • image

    746 x 418 - 51K
  • What happened to the Xiaomi action cams? Can't recall any new cameras for the past couple of years.

  • @EspenB

    Yi part responsible for action cameras and m43 cameras fully disbanded. People are either working on home security cameras or left the company (marketing all left).

    It is all old stock only that you see.

    Profits in other sectors is 2-3x compared to this segment.

  • They are doing this instead now:



    773 x 435 - 60K
    695 x 572 - 40K
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    The camera market is toast! ;-)

  • Himo V1: Xiaomi’s $261 electric bike

    The most elevator-friendly e-bike in the world?


    We’ve seen $375 electric bicycles, $420 electric mopeds, $284 e-bikes that blur the line with electric mopeds… you name it, Xiaomi has funded an e-bike to fit it. For me, I wanted the least expensive one yet, the $261 Himo V1 that I covered here on Electrek.

    These ultra-budget electric bicycles are mostly produced for the domestic market in China. While you can find many of them on direct-from-China shopping sites like AliExpress, the price is usually jacked up for the Western market.

    Instead, I went with the personal approach. I called up a friend of mine living in China and told him my plan. I’d wire him $261 and he’d go get me a bike.

    So what’s my verdict here? To be honest, I’m actually surprised by how good of a bike you can get for $261 (or about $370 shipped). Not only is it a fully functional e-bike that is more powerful than I thought, but it folds, has an LCD screen, front and rear LED lights, a built-in charger, disc brake (just the one!), fenders, and even a ridiculous little rear rack. That’s a lot of features for an e-bike that costs around the same as one month of car insurance and gas!

    And while this e-bike is small, it honestly fit me just fine and can handle my needs as a city commuter e-bike. It would easily fit in the trunk of just about any car out there and would be an excellent last-mile vehicle for drivers that need a set of wheels for inner-city travel. Or it could be a cheap little campus runaround bike.

    So I’m pleasantly surprised by what I got for my money. It’s not a great e-bike, but it’s a decent e-bike for the price and the use case.

    768 x 576 - 107K