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FeiyuTech WG2X
    • Splash-Proof Gimbal without the Handle
    • For Helmets, Handlebars, Selfie Sticks
    • Supports HERO7 and Similar-Sized Cameras
    • Fits HERO Session via Included Adapter
    • Angled Motor Arm for Clear View of LCD
    • 360° Pan/Tilt and 70° Roll Motion
    • 2.5 Hour Built-In Battery
    • Auto-Rotation Mode for Time-Lapse Shots
    • iOS/Android Remote Control App Included
    • Supports Sony RX0 via Optional Adapter
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  • This is sold significantly cheaper than the WG2.


    Still no USB-C type connector. :-p

  • I'm confused about this, compared to the first wg2. Whats the difference? Less waterproof and cheaper?

  • Cheaper design, more plastic than metal (?), angled motor arms.

  • Gotcha, so not a proper upgrade. Almost pulled the trigger on the wg2 a while back, but according to some reviews it was a bit noisy and not that stable. Maybe unavoidable in that small package. Maybe there will be an upgraded wg3 down the line.

  • There is also some new electronic wifi function which links two new buttons on the WG2x to the camera. It seems like you can start/stop recording and switch photo/video mode.