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10 (or more!) commandments for DSLR video
  • What are yours? Mine are:

    1. Always get on-camera sync sound (as a minimum)
    2. Leave some pre- and post-roll time.
    3. Check the shot afterwards and redo it if you need to
    4. Be clear about what you want to achieve in the time available.
    5. Make sure you have full batteries and enough recording media
    6. Get the focus, exposure and colour balance as accurate as you can.
    7. Use the minimum of equipment you need.
    8. Operate safely.

    ...need at least another two! Anyone?
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  • How about my revised list of three commendments:

    0. You shall not make for yourself an idol. Especially if it is some guy from internet who make his living shooting crap, selling advertisement and teaching so called "film courses".
    1. You shall understand, at least remotely, that you are doing and that equipment is required to get that you think you want.
    2. You shall not sit reading forums, better get up, go and start shooting. But please, do not upload all this holy shit that you start producing, better stop and think crucially. If you can't do that - go and fuck yourself.
  • 9. Willingly learn from others and share your learning with others.

    ...that's already 10 with Vitaliy's number 0

    Bet there are more. All of mine were because I screwed up at one time or another!
  • 1. Don't complain. Just do it.
  • >1. Don't complain. Just do it.

    It is hard to keep for many people. And all fun of the process will be gone too.
  • Ok I'll modify my point 9: willingly share...but don't charge for it!

    9a: keep your test videos to yourself! Especially if they feature: your garden / a tracking shot / a steadicam shot with the obligatory staircase (me: guilty!) / cheesy music over unconnected static video shots / wild colour treatment / heavy vignetting / no location sound / annoying slow motion for no reason
  • >9a: keep your test videos to yourself!

    I like my number 2 more :-)
    But I really think that big money lie in making special comminity for guys to share shots of their backyards, their pets and their kids. Generally this is about 90% of all they'll eve shoot :-) They can teach each other.
    We must always remember main UX mantra - people aren't stupid, they are just lazy :-)
  • X: watch movies. WATCH movies. Watch them some more. Pause and look at the lighting, the blocking, the framing. Take notes if you want but try to mimic these as best as you can and then compare side by side. In other words, practice, practice, practice.
  • ..and adverts...and pop videos...and documentaries...and whatever genre you are choosing to work in (for me, it's not movies). Compare = yes!

    XI: learn to edit

    XII: learn to capture and mix good sound
  • Here are mine:

    1. Have fun
    2. Use a tripod, if you can.
  • mine...(btw like your reference to a particular online person, VK in point 0 i think i know who you refer to)

    For me (as im trying to make a narrative film as I am totally bored of seeing endless tests and reading about fpn/banding/iso/rigs etc and want to do SOMETHING with what gear I have) films,filmaking and love films history

    2.decide what you want to do with your camera

    3.have a point

    4.realise that pixelpeeping & tech obsession (example lowlight banding obsession DOF obsession) does not make a good film. Content does...there are many great films that are not shot "perfectly".

    5.have your own vision and stick at it.

    6.want to make a film? then go make one irregardless of budget or limited resources (actors etc) if it turns out what? Its damn more than people who buy/given expensive gear only to shoot a candle or hedge or their mum / wife cooking (ive been guilty of that in the past..foolishly followed the route of VK's point 0)

    7.using 6 you can learn where you last went wrong and improve

    8.dont let someone else convince/critisise you what you are shooting is wrong unless they have shown to be able to make a few more half decent films than yourself.

    .....actually thats it for now haha
  • @Mimirsan

    No one is holding you from discussing your film, approaches and other artistic things. You just must start doing this.
    As for gear discussions - this is that men like to do, waxing the carrot while looking at naked woman, sport car or film gear :-)
  • Haha I hear you ;-)

    Thankyou and agreed but until my first lowbudget made film with a beat up GH1 is completed...theres no point in me discussing approaches and so on...until the finished article is there to see (hopefully by winter..being a family man its just my hobby).
  • >being a family man

    One more reason to discuss gear. Wifes not like to see you waxing carrot looking at naked womans :-)
    So, many are choosing the best of the worst :-)
  • hahaha actually she gets in on it too! She plays around with my gear a lot! hahaha
  • >She plays around with my gear a lot!

    Just remember that your gear can not replace good vibrator :-)
  • See my original point 5. :-)

    Edit: ...and 2, 7, & 8!
  • 0. You shall not make for yourself an idol. Especially if it is some guy from internet who make his living shooting crap, selling advertisement and teaching so called "film courses".

    ...But I need a time-lapse tutorial...
  • Lighting. Lighting. Lighting.
    A camera is not a substitute for a brain. Plan ahead.
  • >But I need a time-lapse tutorial

    How it is related with 0 commendment? :-)
    Go and get any tutorial that you find useful.
  • It was a joke...
  • I was wondering why anyone would need one! I was going to find one for you and write a series of postings where the web address appeared one letter at a time...
  • Humor? I'll check Ebay...
  • Filming cats in backyards is an easy way to learn your equipement.
  • A $1000 DSLR, hacked or not, is not the same as a $100,000 Digital Cinema Camera, so don't expect or wonder why that little camera hanging off your neck doesn't have the exact same build quality, color purity, dynamic range, etc... as a RED or Alexa. And don't make it worse by spending on expensive add-ons that only increase the cosmetics of your outfit but do little or nothing for image, sound, or ergonomics.
  • >And don't make it worse by spending on expensive add-ons that only increase the cosmetics of your outfit


    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods. This one is just plain fuckin' stupid. Coveting your neighbor's goods is what keeps the economy going! Your neighbor gets a vibrator that plays "O Come All Ye Faithful", and you wanna get one too! Coveting creates jobs, so leave it alone. :-)

    Buying expensive add-ons that have no real use is fun, and it create jobs. So, fuck-off :-)