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Apple started being completely thrown off the Chinese market
  • Apple Inc. was ordered by a Chinese court to stop selling iPhone X, 8, 7 and 6 models. Order doesn't include Apple’s newest devices—the XS, XS Max and XR. RBC Capital Markets on Monday estimated older models account for about 40% of sales in China, and that the ban could have an impact on about $12 billion in sales.

    Qualcomm said the Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court in China found Apple had infringed on two patents: one related to photo editing and another to swiping on a touch-screen device.

    I love patents. :-) Look how innovative this ones are.

    It is for now very light version, very light warning, as Apple declares they hope to get around this. But next round will be harder.

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  • Apple made their own problems in China a long time ago. The average salary is still very low, ( around $800-1,400 USD per month, so average consumers couldn't afford to buy $1200 USD iPhones, $3000 MacBooks and $800 iPads. Apple never created products tailored to the Chinese market, so it fostered the rise of cheap lookalike Android and Windows devices. The iPhone never had features that Chinese consumers wanted anyways. Even customers who could afford Apple products had problems buying them, for example, in Guangdong Province, Samsung had around 200 reseller, distributors, Apple only 100. Apple products were so slow to arrive in stores, it was faster for Chinese sellers to set up a fake Apple Store, buy real Apple products from U.S. Apple Stores and ship them back to China where they were made!

  • Apple will halt sales of the Phone 7 and iPhone 8 in Gemany

    Nicer and nicer.

    Chip supplier Qualcomm Inc won a second court skirmish in its worldwide patent battle with Apple Inc on Thursday, with the iPhone maker saying it would pull some older models from its German stores.