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GoPro will be bough by Canon or other camera company
  • It is strong rumors in the industry that GoPro is looking for bigger brother to cover their ass.

    Someone tells that it'll be Canon who has ton of troubles himself.

    Can be also Sony or Samsung who briefly looked at GoPro intellectual properly and some engineers.

    Expect more news on this topic after CES.

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  • So the Hero7 linup is not selling so well after all?

  • @EspenB

    talks are that it sells well only with big discounts, and profits are not enough for GoPro to survive as separate company and keep development.

    Remember that GoPro actually put all LSI development costs on themselves going out from Ambarella chips.

  • "Over the last three months, we’ve seen a bit of insider selling at GoPro. Director Tyrone Ahmad-Taylor sold just US$23k worth of shares in that time. It’s not great to see insider selling, nor the lack of recent buyers. But the volume sold is so low that it really doesn’t bother us."

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    It's speculative but the actuall LSI developement done for the "GP1" chip doesn't seem that great? Mostly a standard Socionext design?

    Also, the Hero7 SILVER and WHITE this year runs on Qualcomm cell phone processors - which seems to give the same stabilization performance of the Hero6 last year.

    Only this year with the Hero7 Black and hypersmooth it seems that the GP1 chip really is doing something ground breaking. (The Hero6 stabilization wasn't that bad for EIS either, but the Hero7 Black hypersmooth really does work - in daylight that is.

  • I think that at this point in time they need to develope the GP2 chip for the Hero8. The capabilities of the GP1 chip is exhausted with hypersmooth on the Hero7.

    As we know Gopro tried to sell the Hero6 for 500 USD but had to revert back to 400 USD for the Hero7 Black. With various promotions they actually sell for even less.

  • @EspenB

    This is that I talk about.

    LSI development cost is rising exponentially, so GP2 will be around 2-3x cost of GP1 development.

    For mobile chips it is not so visible as they are sold in huge amounts. But for cameras LSI we already see huge issues.

  • Current promotions:

    Fusion is 100 dollar off.

    Hero7 Black is not discounted but rather sold with a "free" charger and extra battery (regular price is like 60 USD).

    Hero7 silver is like 100 USD off.

    I wonder what will happen to the Fusion next year. Another product to kill off or a new model. While the Fusion seems to get the best reviews for image quality the stitching process (two cards) and user experience seems overshadowed by the competition.

    And VR is almost as dead as 3D.

  • Fusion image quality seems very similar to Insta360 one x, but the one x is smaller, costs less, and the phone app is excellent.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    The truth is coming in january I guess.

  • GoPro CEO has done an impressive number of glossy interviews and media appearances the last week.

    Another one:

    Small talk without any substance.

    Is it a "christmas rally"? Will everything crash again in january like it did the last time?

  • Equities research analysts expect GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) to post sales of $375.93 million for the current fiscal quarter, according to Zacks. Three analysts have made estimates for GoPro’s earnings, with estimates ranging from $367.96 million to $390.23 million. GoPro reported sales of $334.80 million during the same quarter last year, which indicates a positive year over year growth rate of 12.3%. The firm is scheduled to issue its next quarterly earnings report on Thursday, February 7th.


    "​​​​GoPro's Nick Woodman is happy that there's nothing to report. After an eventful few years, 2018 was pretty much back to business as usual."


    "Make it or break it? GoPro seems to have entered 2019 on the front foot. Leaner inventory levels, improving financial performance, and a potential catalyst in the form of the Fusion camera should ensure that it keeps improving through the year. However, GoPro has been known to fluff its lines in the past, so the company needs to ensure that it executes its volume-price strategy well, otherwise its future could be in jeopardy."


    "For the first time in years, GoPro Inc. came to CES without a cloud of layoffs, product-line exits or holiday-season woes.

    “The boogeyman a lot of people were worried would blow up our fourth quarter didn’t happen,” Chief Executive Nick Woodman told MarketWatch. “No news is good news for GoPro at CES.”

    "Woodman declined to comment on the possibility that the company could get acquired, a topic that’s been up for debate in the investment community with the steep decline in GoPro’s share price. He said that the company’s financial performance over its three reported quarters in 2018 as well as its product strategy “put GoPro in a position to succeed as a stand-alone company.”"

    "“This year we’re selling at price points where we’re designed to return a profitable margin,” he said, and GoPro is aiming for full-year profitability in 2019. Once the company has achieved “stable growth and profitability” with its current three-camera strategy, it will branch into new products, according to Woodman."