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HDR video and improved low-light sensitivity via new Sony CMOS sensors
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  • I have a feeling cell phones are going to surpass Red and all DSLRs... :)

  • Despite of the article statement, I guess that this technology (called RGBW Coding) could be used directly on a new proper camera:

    "An 8-megapixel sample without RGBW coding or HDR Video will ship in March, with fully-functioning 13-megapixel and 8-megapixel samples due in June and August respectively. "

    I guess that a new Sony Alpha camera could have this technology. BTW I do not understand why this new tech. is related to HDR...

    There si also a video but it' s impossible to embed.

  • It's more DR to the shadows. I'd prefer a Fuji SuperCCD arrangement, that can pull back coventionally blown out highlights, that are normally lost forever on any other digital sensor at the same single exposure.

    Though you'd need more advanced RAW conversion options in camera, to make use of it in a non-RAW video output (including HDMI output), not this +/- contrast crap.

  • Seems that the back-light route will be the next big thing.

    Canon has just patented a similar technology for larger sensor (FF and APSC). Via Google translate:

    In the meantime Sony published an official new press release about its back-light technology: