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AMD Zen 2 aka Ryzen 3000 CPUs details
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    The move to 7nm allowed AMD to make lot of advances with its Rome-based EPYC processor core microarchitecture:

    • 2X Performance per Socket
    • 4X Floating Point performance per socket
    • Previous gen socket compatible
    • Forward compatible with next gen Milan platform that supports PCI Express 4 connectivity
    • Improved branch prediction 
    • Better instructions prefetch 
    • Re-optimized micro-op instruction cache
    • Increased the size of the micro-op cache  
    • Doubled floating point width to 256-bit 
    • Doubled load store bandwidth 
    • Increased dispatch and retire bandwidth 
    • Results in maintained high throughput for all modes

    Nice thing

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  • Epyc can be such


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  • New lineup


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  • Wow - I'm all about those Ryzen 9 SKUs... very nice.

  • @bannedindv

    If they are real, they will require new motherboards mostly, at least will have issues on budget ones.

    Rumors are that on older AM4 motherboards CPUs will drop maximum core clocks and will require special new boards BIOS code to rise to full potential.

  • New Leak


    Note new

    • Ryzen 3 3300G 12nm, 4/4, 8 CU GPU for $99
    • Ryzen 5 3500G 12nm, 4/8, 11 CU GPU for $139
    • Ryzen 5 3600G 7nm, 8/8, 14 CU GPU for $189
    • Ryzen 7 3600GX 7nm, 16/8, 20 CU GPU for $239
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  • Very much looking forward to the announcement to learn how close these leaks were. If the 3850X/3800X BE are anywhere close to the leak I will be upgrading and passing on my 2700X to a friend. I purchased the X470 Asus C7H hoping it would be the most forward compatible board. We'll see what happens there.

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  • Yep, looks like this

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    Most recent leak, seems to be same as above.

    Note that full leak or announcement will be in few days.

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  • Ryzen 3000 series launch at CES. Mobile series only. Ryzen 3000 series launch at CES. 3700U and 3500U.

    About desktop

    So far no confirmation on 16-core Zen2 (mainstream series). One source is quite confident new series are still only 8-core.

  • Ryzen 3000 series mobile chips are based on a 12nm Zen+ architecture and feature Radeon Vega graphics.

    AMD is introducing four new Ryzen U-series chips for thin and light notebooks. These 15 watt processors are basically the company's answer to Intel's latest Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processors:

    • Ryzen 3 3200U: 2-cores, 4-threads / 2.6 GHz base, 3.5 GHz boost CPU / 1.2 GHz Vega 3 graphics
    • Ryzen 3 3300U: 4-cores, 4-threads / 2.1 GHz base, 3.5 GHz boost CPU / 1.2 GHz Vega 6 graphics
    • Ryzen 5 3500U: 4-cores, 8-threads / 2.1 GHz base, 3.7 GHz boost CPU / 1.2 GHz Vega 8 graphics
    • Ryzen 7 3700U: 4-cores, 8-threads / 2.3 GHz base, 4 GHz boost CPU / 1.4 GHz Vega 10 graphics

    There's also a new Athlon 300U budget chip which rests below the Ryzen 3 3200U, with 2 CPU cores, 4 threads, a 2.4 GHz base speed, 3.3 GHz boost speed, and 1 GHz Vega 3 graphics.

  • New data leak from closed press briefing of AMD considering upcoming CPUs.

    AMD can decide to not introduce support of most or at least top CPUs for 3xx series chipsets based motherboards. As AMD marketing team found reason for this - to get more profits manufacturing used inappropriately small SPI flash (total savings are in $1 range), so AMD can declare that it is hard to add support for new CPUs. Press had been briefed to start slowly preparing people to calm people down, you can see this going gradual in coming months.

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    Ryzen 3000 (at least some models) and lot of MB will be presented at Computex 2019.

    July 7 will be official sales start.

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