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Capitalism: Next step of ruling class aka piracy violations
  • AT&T plans to alert over a dozen customers in the next week or two that their service will be terminated due to copyright infringement, anonymous sources told Axios. AT&T created its own policies on piracy last year, and this is its first time ending a customer’s service in accordance with the new rules.

    These dozen-plus customers have received at least nine warnings that they might be infringing on copyrights before AT&T could cancel their service, as AT&T’s new policies state. AT&T told Axios that owners of the content notified the company when they found an internet connection was illegally distributing copyrighted material. The customers who did not modify their behavior accordingly will now have their services terminated.

    We now have constantly decreasing in size bunch of oppressors aka ruling class, and it is perfectly legal to do so according to their laws.

    Always remember - law is the will of the ruling class transformed into legal regulations. It is not your will, society will or just something useful.

    You need revolution and repression (oppressors want you to fear this word) of former ruling class to get rid of such things as copyright and move society to progress.