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Imerge Pro - RAW photo editor from HitFilm authors
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  • Version 2.0 released

    • Added a GPU accelerated RAW conversion engine which improves highlight recovery and RAW file load times.
    • Added support for the following export formats: 16 bit PNG, 16 bit TIFF, 16 bit RGBE (HDR) and 16 bit OpenEXR.
    • Added an global insert menu which is used to search and pick insert operations from a context sensitive list based on the currently selected item.
    • Added a more comprehensive layer search which takes into account: layer types, layer state, effects, masks and content items which can be combined to allow complex searches.
    • Added a new “maintain positions” option to the canvas settings dialog which, upon canvas resize, will update all layer positions and dimensions to give the effect of adding more canvas space to a project.
    • Added a resize tool which provides a more flexible way of changing the canvas size while maintaining layer positions.
    • HUD elements now snap to various, configurable, points of interest when they repositioned or resized.
    • Redesigned content items to allow bigger thumbnails, more image details and settings.
    • Added option “Zoom to Extent”, which calculates a zoom level such that all layers fit within the viewer.
    • The highlight recovery on the exposure effect has been improved.
    • Project previews, layer thumbnails and content thumbnails now support high dpi monitors.
    • Greatly improved the speed of project loading, initial renders and multiple image import