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Below $1000 Full Frame Camera Bundles, is it fairy tale?
  • Attack of the $999 FF Photography Camera bundle!!! What's the best deal you've seen recently?

    Putting things in proper historical price perspective, these pricepoints on new or slightly older new FF bodies is groundbreaking, what a wonderful time when you can buy a new retail FF Photography bundle for $999 or less...

    Is anyone thinking of buying one of the new $999 FF Camera Bodies or bundles, which is way cheaper than newer premium M43 Hybrid or APS-C Hybrid models, to simply have a second body for hmmmm... Photography?

    $999 Canon EOS-6D DSLR Camera Body, - Bundle With Shure VP83 LensHopper Camera-Mount Condenser Microphone

    $798 Sony Alpha a7 Mirrorless Digital Camera w/Rode Microphones VideoMic Pro R Mic

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  • @NickBen

    Changed title a little, ok?

    If you ask me, such cameras cost for mirrorless must differ around $30-100 from m43 cameras costs, as it is exactly sensor self cost difference.

    DLRs differ here, but still, FF premium must be minimal.