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High cri leds for cheap?
  • I am on a bargain hunt. There got to be a supplier of high cri and cheap led strips or emitters that I don't know about. Marswalled and Yuji can't be the only ones. Anyone knows the manufacturer of the Falcon Eyes strips? Or Aputure Amaran emitters? I dont have the funds to buy and test on alibaba. Someone has to have done this already.

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  • The "DIY Perks" YouTube channel has a few videos about Chinese LED chips with decent CRI that he buys to build his own lights. Here is one of them:

    Check out the rest of his as well.

  • @TimTomTum

    Why try to do it yourself at all?

    Can better look for sales and deals for Chinese panels that have high CRI (95 and more) declared, they all match it now.

  • I am looking to construct a 40A panel . A 4x4 keylight. The controllers are cheap and power supplies as well. Are there any 500W or 1000W panels outthere for under 500€ I am not aware of? @ironfilm yes these are the ones I reference above

  • I had considered a similar set up (4x4) using either four 4ft quasar bulbs connected to a bracket or light board. Also three 12x36" flex leds (similar to FalconEyes) velcro'd to a thin board. Not sure either set up creates enough output for you.

    My goal was to create large window softlight for my videos and portraits in a smaller area. When I have enough space, I solve this by shooting through a 4x4 scrim with a strong light. But this requires 3-4' of room behind my scrim that I don't often have in my studio.

    Just mentioning these since I had looked for something similar. Will appreciate hearing what you come up with.

  • Check out these: Somebody on dvxuser linked them. Keen to find out more about them.