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PortraitPro Body 3
  • Anthropics Technology announced today the launch of PortraitPro Body 3 photo editing software. The intelligent full-length portrait editor includes automatic body selection, advanced tools for fixing warps, and intelligent tutorials among the main new features. Designed to save photographers hours of time, it works as standalone software as well as a smart filter for Adobe Photoshop and a regular plugin for Photoshop Elements and Lightroom.


    Automatic body selection Work faster and smarter with powerful new image processing algorithms that use deep learning to automatically detect even complex and unusual poses accurately.

    Advanced Warp Fixer 

    The Warp Fixer allows you to have fine-grained controls over the way the background changes in edited portraits. The Warp Fixer in version 3 has been significantly improved and offers increased flexibility and control, allowing you to easily repair the warped features and background.

    Intelligent tutorial system 

    Track your progress with a variety of tutorials that guide you through the features of the software. With fine-grained tracking of your progress, you can easily see which parts of the software you have mastered.


    • Professional full-length photo editing in minutes.
    • Automatic body selection --- advanced image processing algorithms lets you start editing right away.
    • Body contouring --- specialized shape tools designed for full body portraits.
    • Adjust build and height --- intelligent controls with extensive sliders for fine tuning.
    • Correct posture --- natural fixes for camera distortions and unflattering posing.
    • Smooth skin and remove blemishes --- using ClearSkin™ technology.
    • Face editing controls --- adjust expression, smooth skin and relight the face.


    PortraitPro Body Standard --- standalone, dedicated software for professional full body retouching.

    PortraitPro Body Studio --- works as standalone software, a smart filter for Adobe Photoshop and a regular plugin for Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. Studio Edition handles camera RAW files, supports conversion between different color spaces and provides JPEG/TIFF embedded color profile support.

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    PortraitPro Body is available to purchase or for a free trial from