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Yelangu L4 Little Camera Three Wheeled Dolly
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  • This isn't a new product. I have it on my desk in front of me here and I got it a few years back. For the price it is somewhat novel but it has a few issues. It slips easily on some surfaces, does not move smoothly and sometimes there's a bit of a judder in footage and worst the remote is very unreliable. Very shortly after I got it it stopped functioning and upon researching online I found many people having the same issue. I replaced the battery just to see if that was it but I had no luck. It still works pressing the button on the side but it's a lot less useful that way.

  • @Firworks

    Note - it is more or less new product, new small iteration at least.

    Yet, if you look even on their site, you'll notice that they made very similar product before.

    Design and principles are almost same, but motors and controller differ a little.

  • i got an older version of this but never found it too useful, it basically require a perfectly smooth surface anything less will cause vibrations.

  • @pureaxis

    For slider like move just use two good wooden planks from nearby DIY store.