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Vegatables instead of brains
  • Vegetables story is still developing.
    Millions lost. Vegetables selling going down (our exaggerating mass-media tell that almost to zero at Germany).
    Idiots on the screen galore.
    No one really knows anything.
    Mass-media are afraid to tell you big secret - that you must wash vegetables before eating them.
    And that E. Coli do not live above 100 degrees C (normally 60 C is enough).

    My own theory is that all this is related to inflation.
    Two parts that played key role in inflation rise are energy and food.
    So, Caddafy and Libya are hurting because Europe wants free energy.
    And vegetables because Europe wants much cheaper food (at least they can compensate raise in other food sectors).
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  • The problem is not the E-Coli themselves. As a living creature they are harmless. It's when our bodies attempt to kill them, our phagocytes use enzymes to break them apart into pieces of exactly the same type every time. It's those pieces that become toxic chemicals once they are separate from the cell walls of the bacteria.

    Essentially, your body is creating the toxins by killing the bacteria which creates a cycle that cannot be stopped until either you or the bacteria are all dead and the toxins are flushed out of your system. The only way to get the toxins out is through urine and that's why people's kidneys fail with this disease.

  • @kainekainekaine

    As far as I remember US is going to ban normal citizens from growing any vegetables (or they already did that).


    Sepsis is similar, as it is wrong reaction of organism to, sometimes, very slight disturbance. In this case, in blood system, also leading to organs failures.
  • Sepsis is part of the problem for sure. As more toxin is released your body motivates more immune response which releases more toxin, which invokes more immune response, etc. It's a bad situation for sure.
  • >Sepsis is part of the problem for sure. As more toxin is released your body motivates more immune response which releases more toxin, which invokes more immune response, etc.

    I have some expirience with it. On one my kins had it.
  • As a vegan i always say i can never end up with any weird deceases but this prooves me wrong. I got kinda of scared from all these reports since im a hypcondriac. Havent had much veggies since this broke out.

    The "planned" breakouts isnt far from the truth in my oppinion.
  • LOL, there's no way the US could ban the average citizen from growing vegetables. They could ban them from selling them without inspection or permits, for a number of reasons (i.e. "pesticide-free" vegetables actually grown with pesticides/chemicals; contamination with waste products from fertilizers, etc.)

    The plain and simple truth is that bacteria are everywhere in nature and some are harmful. Some, like e. coli come in good varieties (the kind that normally live in your gut) and bad varieties (the kind that kill you). Contaminated vegetables are fairly common, particularly in salad bars if people with dirty hands hands touch the vegetables or the vegetables aren't washed.

    Most likely, the source of this contamination will come back to contaminated fertilizer which got the bacteria into the vegetables, and this in turn contaminated the vegetable processing plant. Thus, it is critical to identify the source of the contamination, so that further vegetables don't get contaminated. As for washing, that can be effective if the bacteria are on the outside, but won't be if the bacteria are in the interior.

    I laugh at the idea that e coli are harmless, simply because they are living creatures. A lion is a living creature, but it'll eat you if you find a hungry lion. Basically, this strain of e.coli produces a toxin, which binds to intestinal cell walls and causes dysentery. Your body isn't creating these toxins; the e. coli are. Even if your body didn't kill bacteria, just these bacteria dividing and dying would poison you.
  • >They could ban them from selling them without inspection or permits, for a number of reasons.

    As far as I remember it is something like that.
    Even worse, as I remember, individual citizen will be fined for growing vegetables.
    And he won't be able to sell them, for sure.
    I'll try to find link to you with details.
  • We had a situation in Oakland, California that was something like that, but it can't be generalized to the whole U.S.

    But better yet, just find any number of farmer's markets on a weekend, and you'll know there's no risk of stopping people from growing their own vegetables here in the U.S.
  • My Home Owners Association (HOA) will prevent me from growing vegetables in my own garden.
  • >My Home Owners Association (HOA) will prevent me from growing vegetables in my own garden.

    Democracy, my ass.

    Funny thing is that I know how to grow fruits, vegetables in details and can even live from it :-)
    As in Russia many get big amount of vegetables in fruits from their own garden.
    For example, 95-97% of potato is from personal or small fields (and we had 3x rise in potato price last year because of it :-) )
    It is more like tradition now, as gasoline sometimes cost more then all the vegetables :-)
  • Well it's still democracy, somewhat. Nobody is *forced* to buy/live in a house that is controlled by an HOA. I looked at a great house a few years ago. It was perfect for all my needs and very cheap. The seller told me about the HOA. I told them "no thanks" and left. Unfortunately there are actually people who WANT to be controlled and don't feel good unless someone is telling them what to do all day long..
  • Actually Vitaliy, HOA's (which are small neighborhood associations, nearly all private not public) usually are elected, but the problem is that almost nobody wants to participate in running the HOA, so a few people get to dictate how the rest live through badly worded bylaws. Some HOA's are good and well-run; others are poorly run. Just like any other forms of government. Until they upset enough people to kick them out, HOA leadership at a particularly location usually stays in place for quite some time. People tend to get the kind of government they deserve (e.g. the kind of government they're willing to tolerate).

    If Stonebat doesn't like it, he can either act to try to amend the bylaws, change the leadership, or even move away.

    Anyway, the German gov't is claiming contaminated sprouts as the cause; the U.S. Centers for Disease Control are skeptical, as there is no confirmed DNA match between the e.coli causing the sickness and anything found with the sprout farm. The drama continues.
  • In USSR we had elected representatives for home and parts of home that can be intermediary between citizens and actual structures who make all the work (if you need to make something large) or could organize and make something using peoples free time.
    It worked very good. Despite payment for service that had been extremely small (but organization had been extremely effective).