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Canon EOS R2 Camera For Landscape Shooters
    • High MP FF Sensor with Dual Pixel AF
    • Same cropped 4K, no video progress expected
    • Specially aimed at landscape shooter with battery grip kit option
    • Better body quality made for real beating
    • Announcement around CP++ 2019
    • Extra premium price
    • Target audience - top rich tourists
    • Some wide R lenses will be announced with it
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  • I really dont get this. No one needs this camera. Ever. There is so much demand for better features in their more reasonably priced cameras, where they could satisfy the customer base and increase sales, yet they waste resources on this BS.

  • @joethepro

    I have theory that we have some virus planed in the educational business books. As all managers start to follow same road across different industries. Or they know much more than we do.

  • They just control the market, and want to make money. They aren't in it for their deep passion for photo/video. Maybe they were, back in the 60s-2000s, but not any more.