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How new fees will affect camera manufacturers
  • It'll be special topic for this.

    Note that it is 10% fees starting October 1 and 25% fees since January 1st.

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  • Panasonic seems to have issues

    2015 news

    Panasonic intends to shut down its Japanese digital camera factory and shift the output to China this spring, sources told The Nikkei on Friday. By consolidating digital camera production, Panasonic aims to rehabilitate the money-losing operations.

    The Osaka-based company is to stop making cameras in the northeastern city of Fukushima. The facility there currently turns out about 1.5 million digital cameras a year -- nearly half of global sales

  • And Canon not so dumb

    2017 news

    Canon is planning to open a new camera factory in Japan by 2019 in an effort to move more of its production “back home,” but this time it will be relying more on automation to lower the cost of domestic operations.

  • samsung shut its camera factory in Tianjing, Sony kept most of its production in Thailand (with some in China).