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Car manufacturers want to record all around your car and store in cloud
  • Fujitsu has developed an image-compression technology that allows it to reduce images to 0.1% of their original size, which will help increase the precision of self-driving systems.

    The new algorithm, which draws on Fujitsu's know-how in 4K and 8K video broadcasts, compresses data at a ratio of 1,000-to-1 compared to the more typical 80-to-1. By significantly reducing the volume of data, moving cars will be able to send high-resolution images over the internet to data centers in real time.

    In addition, data centers will be able to request specific images when the cars approach signals and intersections.

    Compiling big data requires advanced algorithms to trim and compress the data. It is hard for self-driving cars to transmit the data in real time using existing technologies on the market, so it is stored on board instead to be collected later by automakers and others.

    But 5G mobile networks, set for commercialization in 2020, will be able to handle far greater data traffic than existing networks and could provide a major boon to self-driving systems. With that in mind, Fujitsu hopes to have a commercial version of its algorithm ready in three years to be marketed to automakers and other companies.

    Of course push is on the driverless cars (that won't happen in the long time). But real goal is normal cars.

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  • Thiis should be used for police cars, taxis and public buses...

    but Private Citizen cars? Tell me which wires to clip or where to put the masking tape?

    I'd bet they'd put an ignition kill if you clipped it...

  • @NickBen

    but Private Citizen cars? Tell me which wires to clip or where to put the masking tape?

    Using masking tape will be crime, do not worry.

    In some countries (shush!) you already have GPS like tracking in ALL new cars sending all data in realtime via cellular network. Law that impose criminal charges on turning this off is on the way. But if some incident happened and system had been off you will be without your insurance coverage and you can be charged already in case of any damage to people.