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Smash - Transferring Big Video Files With No Size Limits
  • Smash reinvents file transfer service for photographers and creative minds

    Smash is the unique free and simplest way to send your files from one to many with no size limits. In addition, Smash allows recipients from any device to view photos/images, listen to music, watch videos and read documents… before downloading them.

    During files uploading, Smash also helps you discover artists, photographer, designers, musicians and creative organizations through a full screen presentation without advertising.

    Frustrated for too many years by the limit in size imposed by traditional file transfer services and by the waste of time that it causes and also by the advertising pollution integrated in this services, we have decided to innovate:

    • Launching a new file transfer and sharing contents meeting different creative’s needs: professional and amateur photographers, musicians, audio and video producers, publishers, illustrators, designers, architects, engineers, marketers…
    • Offering use model without any advertising but exhibiting cultural and artistic contents which generate a true inspiration.

    An innovative and unique digital content interactive sharing service originally designed for photographers and creatives.

    Creatives from around the world increasingly need to not only transfer but also share through interactive way rich contents (including documents, photo, audio, video…) which are becoming larger and more frequent.

    In this way, Smash is the first free file transfer service in a world with no size limit which meets the sender and recipient expectations.

    For senders:

    • It’s free
    • No registration
    • No size limit for the files
    • No ads
    • Discover art works during uploading your files
    • Personalize your Smash: Add a cover photo or video in the background to impress your recipient(s)
    • Promote your company or your creations (while your recipient is downloading your files) with photos or videos, link to your website and social networks.

    For recipients:

    • Smart preview of contents: customized presentation of contents according the type of content sent (photo, video, audio, document) before downloading.
    • Before downloading, have the possibility to:
      • View your photos/images
      • Watch your videos
      • Listen to your musics
      • Read your documents
    • Download all the files or only some of them
    • Access from any device (fixed and also mobile)
    • Files available up to 14 days with the free plan and up to 365 days with the Premium plan

    Smash is useful not only for file transfer but also for interactive content sharing.

    The preview enables both time saving and a stronger more interactive collaboration between sender and recipient. Moreover today, with users being constantly on the move, the mobile device access facilitates the preview of digital contents and makes them more reactive.

    A new use model of file sharing service: making accessible cultural contents instead of advertising

    Accordance with our vision, Smash doesn’t only transform file transfer with innovative features but above all revolutionizes the use of digital content sharing by replacing an advertising model by a cultural one: no advertising but a background display presenting like in a gallery amazing art or other creative projects and works.

    Thanks to this new model, Smash allows users, while waiting for their upload, to discover, instead of usual advertising, creative works and immersing themselves into their universe which enriches their cultural knowledge and gives them useful information about exhibits and events.

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  • We are using it during Photokina coverage, it is very nice to see stuff instantly


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