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Boya BY-WM8 Pro Wireless Double Transmitters Microphone System
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    • Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver
    • 48 Selectable UHF Channels
    • Broadcast-Quality Sound
    • Includes Two Transmitters and One Receiver
    • Selectable Stereo and Mono Mode
    • Mic and Line-in
    • Selectable Mute function
    • Easy-to-read LCD displays
    • Automatic LCD-locked Function
    • Monitoring sound by headphone output on receiver
    • More than 6 Hours Continuous Operation
    • Operation range can reach up to 100m(300'), without obstacles
    • Two AA batteries for both transmitter and receiver

    The BOYA BY-WM8 Pro-K2 is an upgraded UHF Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone System for capturing audio with dual subjects, features an easy-to-read LCD display, a wide switching RF bandwidth, PLL-synthesized tuning and digital companding circuitry.

    The package is suitable for a wide range of wireless applications such as interviews, electronic news gathering (ENG), electronic field productions (EFP), film production, business and educational applications, and more.

    The BY-WM8 Pro-K2 system consists of two bodypack transmitters, a camera-mount receiver, and two omnidirectional lavaliere microphones. Also included with this system is a shoe-mount adapter, a single 1/8" to XLR output cable, a single 1/8 to 1/8" output cable, carrying case.

    The receiver is built with mic and headphone output jacks. The bodypack transmitter includes a MIC jack and LINE IN jack.

    494 x 432 - 24K
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  • How is channel bleed, how is noise floor? Can the TX gain be adjusted? Those are some of the major flaws I've noticed in the ultra low budget ones.

  • How is channel bleed

    Its is digital system as I understand, so question is mostly pointless. In such system channel isolation is almost perfect, noise floor is also defined by short analog parts.

    Can the TX gain be adjusted? Those are some of the major flaws I've noticed in the ultra low budget ones.

    It is not ultra low budget one. Now it is best among Chinese made.

  • It is not ultra low budget one.

    Can't find the "Pro" pricing, but I see that the Boya BY-WM8 on Amazon is US$230

    That is not just low budget, that is ***ultra**** low budget! Thus of course I'm curious what compromises have been cut.

  • @IronFilm

    Pro K2 is around $296 or such.

    Well, mostly margins had been cut. Plus mikes included and analog parts are slightly worse.

  • Hi, I am looking for wireless mic.

    • Which one is better between Boya Pro K2 and Saramonic UWMIC9 ?

    • Is there another good system (1 RX / 2 TX) in the range price of 400$ ?


  • @flash

    Boya is cheaper on deals usually and newer.

    Very detailed testing is needed to say that is better.

  • Thank you Vitaliy

  • I will test it next week. If you want to put different lavalier mic in the Boya you need this :

  • Its is digital system as I understand,

    I believe it's an analog system. The modulation is listed as FM (analog) in the FCC test report. The companding is digital, but that's just one stage of processing before an analog signal is fed to the modulator.

  • @balazer

    Good and useful info.