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Apple prepares to transition Mac to iOS
  • Four of the most popular stock iOS apps are making the transition to the desktop with Mojave. Apple News, Stocks, Home, and Voice Memos will all be available when Mojave is officially rolled out in mid-September.

    It is expected that actual change will happen with introduction of proprietary CPUs based on ARM. Such change is required due to extreme margins on Intel mobile CPUs (can reach 900% for 4-6 core models). For now Apple plans to have quite weak cores but with support of quite powerful DSP/GPU integrated into CPU.

    New OS will have same approach to files as iOS, with extremely big restriction to apps.

    Main target will be same as for all FF cameras - consumers with large income. All apps infrastructure will change accordingly with creators going into dump.

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  • file management was never a strong suit for mac os to begin with so a shift to the ios system is inevitable, I'm just worried how they will treat final cut pro, whether it will get the imovies downgrade again.

  • @pureaxis

    I think first 1-2 year will be most tough, as they'll forget about pros for this time completely.

    Most probably Intel based devices will remain for them on old Mac OS X.

  • So what processors they will use on Imac's from now on?

  • @konjow

    I think we'll see pause on releases for pros for 2 years around. After this they will come with 16-20 core designs and adopted software.

  • I mean Mac is developing its own cpu and will not be on intel?

  • @konjow

    Apple, yes, it is official.

  • At least "for creators," it's not as bad as it might seem if you're willing to adapt. LumaFusion on iOS is actually more performant editing 4k footage on my iPad Pro (including 10-bit GH5) than my 6-core laptop with a 1050 max-q. The only real pain is getting files to it (I mostly use Sony and their dumb directory structure prevents the Apple card reader from working so my latest workflow involves a Gnarbox which is pretty slow).

    Lightroom on the same iPad really doesn't suck - slower than my 8700k desktop, but not by as much as one might expect - but if Apple's desktop CPUs have better single-thread performance, I'd expect the gap to close a lot.

  • Thats a news for me...well.. no more hackintosh - windows-Resolve is coming