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Pre-release Camera Orders, Youtube Shills & other marketing shenanigans
  • I hate Pre-release Camera Orders, Youtube Shills & other marketing shenanigans... & special selective guest demos... these are tools, not ginsu knives... or are they more?

    Let's dish on all the crowdfunding tactics companies are testing on us, so we help our fellow gear addicts back onto a path of sanity and focus on what's important in life (YOU... not the gear), and absolve each others naughty habits encouraging bad behavior by Manufacturers & Crowdfunders

    BTW, I never heard anyone ask "HOW MUCH DID MICHELANGELO'S PAINT COST?" or "He couldn't finish- he died waiting for a pre-release chisel"...

    My gear confession: Lifelong gear addict, I most recently preordered Red & Blackmagic design cameras

    VK: Can you absolve me of my Camera sins?

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  • Is it smart idea to turn quite serious discussion we had at BM topic into emotional offload that is not so easy to get?

  • "All is fair in love and War & Gear talk", nothing wrong with sharing

    It is tough to navigate thru the warfield now with so few disclosures nowadays...
    I think people need to wear NASCAR jackets with advertisers

    Scion Brand was born using Guerilla marketing tactics, as Toyota (Parent corporation) did a survey and found offspring of Toyota customers did not want to buy same brand as Parents car, and did not want to negotiate for a car, they wanted to be treated equally. In the end they were, they were all charged FULL MSRP for the cars they purchased....

    There's my insider fun fact for today

    DISCLOSURE: I am no longer under contract with Toyota Motor Corporation, their other brands or affiliates

  • Gear Quote of the year 2018: "Crap SCREAMS, Quality is mute"

    from Ken's latest Youtube video entitled "Nikon's damage control & Bamboozle tactic currently"

    and another gem: "Brilliant Photograph, taken by an awesome photographer, using a Crappy Camera..."

    Ken always cracks me up...