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Is 2018 the Year Full Frame 2D Photo Cameras became the new historical Point & Shoot?
  • With smartphones cameras & video becoming more powerful (and WAY pricey at $1000), far fewer differentiating features between brands, and with more and more companies going full-frame getting away from the dead Point & Shoot market, will 2018 be remembered as the peak year Full Frame 2D photo cameras became the new historical "point & shoot" on the camera sales graph?

    I see many people arguing one photo camera is better than another based on traditionally video functions...

    While possibly bad for business, in the end, isn't that a good thing technologically, that even consumers will have access to the same photo capabilities as past "pro" gear...

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  • Consumers already have access to the same photo capabilities as past "pro" gear, including just being able to buy the older "pro" gear used for a deep discount. As far as general capabilities, take a look at the specs of the EOS 1DX (released 2012). It's fairly high in FPS, but you can get a camera for $2000 today that can do just about everything.

    If that's not enough, look at the specs for the EOS 1D (2001), a top-of-the-line professional camera when it was released:

  • Well, I just checked ebay - you can get amazing Pentax K-1 for like $1100-1200 used/refurbished.

    In construction quality it is same or better than any top offers by other brands.