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LG to start making thermal sensors
  • LG Innotek today announced the company is promoting the thermal imaging infrared camera module business. The company plans to build the foundation for the business early on through win-win cooperation with a venture company as well as through technologies and expertise of the world's top smartphone camera module business.

    The thermal imaging camera senses the far-infrared heat energy of 8 to 14 micrometer (um) wavelength emitted by an object and displays it as an image. It is useful because it can grasp the shape and position of an object regardless of lighting or weather, but it is expensive and is mainly used in special fields such as military and industrial safety.

    LG Innotek intends to make inroads into the market with thermal imaging camera modules, whose thermal sensing and image processing performance and price competitiveness have been greatly enhanced by the innovative technologies. The company will launch its first original products in the second half of next year.

    The company is accelerating the in-house development of core technologies from sensors to module design and production process to develop thermal imaging camera modules.

    In particular, LG Innotek is expanding its cooperation with domestic venture companies to secure thermal imaging sensor technology. Recently, the company started the joint development of the next generation thermal imaging sensor together with Truwin.